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Beat the Middle Aged “Blahs” With Nature’s Amazing Happiness Hormone”

C:\Users\Barwick\Downloads\38883592_s.jpgBeat the Middle Aged “Blahs” With Nature’s Amazing Happiness Hormone”

As you reach middle age and beyond, subtle changes begin to take place in your body that can result in a feeling of low spirits, often simply referred to as “the blahs.”

It’s not necessarily depression. It’s not even the “doldrums.” In many cases, it’s just an underlying sense of not having that daily exuberance for life that was once a normal part of living.

What’s happening? It’s simple: You’re not as young as you once were. And your body isn’t functioning with the same youthful zip and zing it once did. Hormone levels are dropping. Brain function is slowing. And your overall metabolism is changing.

But the good news is this: You can often help put that youthful vitality back into your life with one simple dietary change. Indeed, many people have done exactly that. Here’s the straight scoop you’ve never heard anywhere else…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

Groucho Marx once stated, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

There’s a lot of truth in that observation. After all, if you’re like most people, at some point during the course of your life you’ve probably allowed yourself to fall victim to a little bit of personal melancholy. We all have. And most likely, simply making up your mind to shake it off and get back on track has proven to be the most effective solution.

But as we get older, changes take place in our bodies that can cause everything from our metabolism to our mental outlook to shift into a slower gear.

And oft times, no amount of positive thinking or raw willpower can fully turn the tide, because the problem is an inherently organic one. In other words, your aging body is missing something that’s preventing it from functioning at peak levels.

And the end result can be persistent overall feeling of “blah” in which your usual natural ebullience, or as the French so aptly put it, your Joie de Vivre (i.e., “joy of living”) gradually and almost imperceptibly begins to dissipate. And over the course of time, as middle age wears on, the daily “blah” becomes the new normal.

Nature’s Sure-Fire Solution to the Middle Aged “Blahs”

But the energetic joy of living you experienced in your teens, twenties and thirties need not disappear just because you’re getting a little older. Research has demonstrated that the middle-aged “blahs,” while quite predictable, don’t have to be a permanent, inevitable fixture on the landscape of your life.

Indeed, putting that lost bounce back into your steps…that youthful glint back into your eyes…and that quick smile back on your face can be surprisingly easy, no matter what your age.

That’s because medical science has discovered the fact that a simple natural hormone produced by your body out of cholesterol directly influences not just your mood, energy levels, and physical and mental well-being, but quite literally influences the quality and effectiveness of your every bodily function.

That natural hormonal substance is called pregnenolone. And as tens of thousands of experienced pregnenolone users can attest, this safe, natural supplement – widely known as the “happiness hormone” – not only lifts the spirits but boosts motivation, performance and proficiency as well.

Indeed, its mood-enhancing benefits are so profound, Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., has stated in his wonderful little book, Pregnenolone: Nature’s Feel-Good Hormone:

“I am 100 percent convinced that taking pregnenolone leads to changes in awareness and alertness. I noticed an improved visual clarity within an hour of dosing…a mellow, steady, persistent feeling of well-being had imperceptibly come on.

Flowers seemed brighter and prettier…my attention focused on the architecture of the homes…I started noticing the patterns of the stones, the shapes of the windows, doorways, porticos and other details…the palm trees appeared Caribbean island-like picturesque.

Everything seemed more beautiful and intriguing. I felt a sense of child wonder, that everything was okay. How special and enchanting life could be!”

As natural hormone expert Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., explains, “People feel a profound mood of resilience and an increased ability to confront challenges when they take pregnenolone.”

And as a long-time pregnenolone user from Minnesota recently wrote me, “I just like the fact that it makes me feel good again. At age 80, I go through the day with a lift in my step and a smile on my face when I take pregnenolone. I can sure tell the difference with and without it. I’m much more motivated than I’ve been in years. And I get a heckuva lot more done!


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Exactly What Is Pregnenolone?

So what is pregnenolone? And why has it become so darned popular with the over-40 set?

Pregnenolone is a completely natural hormone precursor manufactured in the human body. It’s produced primarily in the adrenal glands, but also in smaller amounts by many other organs and tissues of the body, including the liver, brain, skin, gonads, and even the retina of the eye.

The body actually utilizes cholesterol to produce pregnenolone, though it can be produced in the laboratory from natural plant substances. Indeed, pregnenolone is also known to be the grand precursor from which almost all other hormones are produced in the human body.

The list of hormones produced from pregnenolone in the human body includes DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, the estrogens, and cortisol. This is why pregnenolone has been called the “mother hormone.”

Prevents Symptoms of Premature Aging!

Unfortunately, pregnenolone levels decline dramatically with age. And this, of course, directly affects all other hormone levels.

What’s more, many in-the-know physicians and scientists concerned with aging have now come to believe your pregnenolone levels directly affect the rate at which you age, and that increasing pregnenolone to more youthful levels after the age of 40 is an important first step in the prevention of premature aging.

That’s why Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., the famous internet natural health guru and bestselling author of The Total Health Program has stated:

Pregnenolone levels naturally peak during youth and begin a long, slow decline with age. By the age of 75 our bodies produce 60% less pregnenolone than the levels produced in our mid-thirties.

For this reason pregnenolone is one of the biomarkers of aging. Like counting the rings of a tree, by measuring the level of pregnenolone at any given point of a person’s life, it is often possible to make an educated guess as to his or her age.

…Many physicians and scientists believe that replacement of pregnenolone to more youthful levels is an important step in the treatment of aging and symptoms of aging.

Pregnenolone may be one of the most important hormones because it seems to have a balancing effect. It is a precursor to many other hormones and may be able to bring the levels of other hormones up or down as needed.”

And as the prestigious Life Extension Foundation has written in Life Extension Magazine:

“…By its very nature, pregnenolone works with your body to achieve optimal health and longevity. Its many health-enhancing functions underscore its role as one of the most important hormones in the human body.

Pregnenolone reduces fatigue and increases endurance. It also provides the brain with the hormonal and neurotransmitter support it needs to reduce memory loss, thus helping to improve concentration and focus. Moreover, it helps those with arthritis, depression, and traumatic injuries…

Clearly, pregnenolone is an essential hormone in people of all ages. The average young adult produces about 14 mg per day. As with other hormones, however, pregnenolone production declines with age. By age 75, the body produces about 60% less pregnenolone than it did at age 35.

As the body’s supply of pregnenolone diminishes, so does the availability of its other related hormones. This has led scientists to consider pregnenolone usage as a way to turn back the clock on aging and counter the consequences of this dramatic drop in hormone levels…”

Indeed, regular daily Pregnenolone usage provides so many important benefits to our aging bodies, it will blow you mind when you learn more about them.

Balances Other Vital Hormone Levels

Unlike synthetic prescription hormones that can skew and disrupt your hormonal balance overtime, pregnenolone doesn’t appear to throw other hormones out of balance, but instead restores the balance to the body’s hormones.

This is why experts say pregnenolone works equally beneficially for both men and women. For example, in men, pregnenolone tends to bring testosterone levels into proper homeostasis (balance) with the body, while in women pregnenolone tends to bring estrogen levels into proper homeostasis with the body!

Some researchers even believe taking supplemental pregnenolone improves the function of the various glands that produce important hormones. As Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D, the famous biologist and endocrinologist who’s been studying hormones and their effects in the human body since 1968, and is the author of “Progesterone, Pregnenolone & DHEA — Three Youth-Associated Hormones,” has written:

Pregnenolone improves function of the thyroid and other glands, and this ‘normalizing’ effect on the other glands helps to account for its wide range of beneficial effects.

Surely, you can see by now why supplementing with small daily amounts of Pregnenolone on a regular basis can be so beneficial to you as you age!


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Brain-Boosting Qualities Unlike Any Other Supplement!

Another reason pregnenolone is so important is because of its profound effects on the brain.

In animal tests, pregnenolone has been found to be 100 times more effective for memory enhancement than any other hormone. Indeed, it appears to be the most potent hormonal memory enhancer ever studied.

That’s because pregnenolone operates as a powerful neurosteroid in the brain, modulating the transmission of messages from neuron to neuron, and strongly influencing learning and memory processes. In other words, it helps you think quicker, understand and retain more complex topics, and even speak with greater clarity and authority.

What’s more, supplementing with small amounts of pregnenolone – anywhere from 5 mg. to 20 mg. per day — is widely reported to help the body increase production of other needed neurosteroids, which many experts believe helps improve your quality of life by rejuvenating the mind and body to more youthful functioning.

In fact, according to Wikipedia, “Pregnenolone belongs to the group of neurosteroids that are found in high concentrations in certain areas in the brain, and are synthesized there. Neurosteroids affect synaptic functioning, are neuro-protective, and enhance myelinization. Pregnenolone is under investigation for its potential to improve cognitive and memory functioning.

And on November 6, 1995, the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences stated that pregnenolone is “The most potent memory enhancer yet found.” As biologist and long-time hormone researcher Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D, has stated:

It is now known that pregnenolone is one of the major hormones in the brain. It is produced by certain brain cells, as well as being absorbed into the brain from the blood.

It protects brain cells from injury caused by fatigue, and an adequate amount has a calming effect on the emotions, which is part of the reason that it protects us from the stress response that otherwise leads to an excessive production of cortisone.

People feel a mood of resilience and an ability to confront challenges.

And as Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, has stated, “Pregnenolone also operates as a powerful neurosteroid in the brain, modulating the transmission of messages from neuron to neuron and strongly influencing learning and memory processes.”

Astonishing Range of Beneficial Functions!

A growing number of independent medical studies and observations by clinical researchers have demonstrated that pregnenolone shows tremendous potential in an amazing array of conditions, many of which are associated with alleviation of the potentially debilitating effects of premature aging. Clinical studies have shown that pregnenolone effectively:

  • Relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Reduces excessive cortisol levels
  • Boosts natural immunity
  • Dramatically relieves fatigue
  • Restores normal energy levels
  • Increases endurance
  • Alleviates mood disorders and relieves depression
  • Enhances positive mental outlook
  • Relieves painful symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Relieves many symptoms of clinical depression
  • Alleviates many symptoms of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, MS and lupus
  • Alleviates chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Aids the body in the healing of nerve injuries and nervous conditions such as stress and anxiety

What’s more, a number of cutting edge medical researchers and scientists believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. Based upon newer research conducted by independent researchers, it is further believed that pregnenolone may also:

  • Improve cardiovascular status by lowering total cholesterol and LDL levels, thereby lessening incidences of heart attack.
  • Help increase muscle mass, while decreasing the percentage of body fat.
  • Help the thyroid gland convert T4 to the more active T3, and thus improve symptoms of low thyroid.
  • Accelerate recovery from any kind of acute stress (e.g., insufficient sleep, excessive exercise, mental strain, etc.).
  • Reduce cravings for carbohydrates, and eliminate related “high/low” mood swings
  • Dramatically improve sex drive
  • Eliminate chronic joint and muscle aches
  • Enhance vision — a number of individuals who have taken pregnenolone have reported enhancement of visual perception
  • Maintain the “program” brain cells need to store and retrieve short-term memories, and initiate the memory storage process by stimulating the enzyme adenylate cyciase, which is needed to regulate and activate other critical enzymes required for cellular energy.

Even the Physician’s Desktop Reference, a noted medical guide that sits on the desk of just about every medical doctor in America, states of this powerful natural hormone:

“Pregnenolone is a chemical found in the brain that helps make many other chemicals in the body. It is used for sleeping problems, tension and stress, depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), to enhance the memory and help stop memory loss in conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.”

Finally, according to Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D, the noted hormone researcher and widely quoted author, pregnenolone does not produce a “negative feedback loop.”

In other words, unlike synthetic prescription hormones such as testosterone, the use of pregnenolone does not appear to inhibit the body from producing its own stores of the hormone.

Indeed, according to Dr. Peat, studies show that oral supplementation of pregnenolone actually enhances the body’s ability to make its own pregnenolone naturally!


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What the Experts Are Saying…

Here’s what the experts are saying about the myriad of healing benefits associated with supplemental usage of pregnenolone:

Pregnenolone very quickly helps fatigued, stressed people regain their ability to handle stress, sometimes with a single dose. It also tends to improve function of the thyroid and other glands. It can have a calming effect on the emotions, giving a mood of resilience and an ability to confront challenges. Also, people have noticed that pregnenolone has a “face-lifting” action, produced by improved circulation to the skin, and by an actual contraction of some muscle-like cells in the skin.”

— Dan Milosevich, Certified Nutritionist

Pregnenolone…reduces allergic reactions, lessens arthritis inflammation and produces a relaxing and mildly euphoric “stress buffer effect”, without any of the negative side effects of cortisol…Pregnenolone improves mood, and has a mild antidepressant effect…[it] also improves energy levels by protecting your energy producing mitochondria from toxins, which would otherwise damage the mitochondria.”

— James South, M.A. (noted biologist)

Pregnenolone has been studied extensively since the 1940’s…One of its most important actions is to counter damage caused by the natural stress hormone called ‘cortisol.’ Cortisol is helpful in modest amounts, but is toxic at higher levels. Pregnenolone’s ability to block excess cortisol levels may be one of the main reasons for its known memory-enhancing and mood-boosting effects.”

— Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MB ChB, MD, PhD, FRCP (MA)

It is now known that pregnenolone is one of the major hormones in the brain…It protects brain cells from injury caused by stress and fatigue, and an adequate amount has a calming effect on the emotions, which is part of the reason that it protects us from the stress response that leads to an excessive production of cortisone. People feel a mood of resilience and an increased ability to confront challenges.”

— Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D

Some people find pregnenolone improves energy levels, vision, memory, clarity of thinking, well-being, and often sexual enjoyment or libido. Pregnenolone may be considered a good brain enhancer in those who are deficient. Studies in rodents show pregnenolone to be one of the most effective and powerful memory boosters. Pregnenolone may increase levels of acetylcholine in the hippocampus and other memory regions in the brain. Some women report lessening of hot flashes or premenstrual symptoms.”

— Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Pregnenolone seems to be the most effective bioidentical hormone for memory improvement…

— Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., author The Total Health Program

As you can see, the experts agree that pregnenolone is a tremendously advantageous nutritional supplement with a wide range of positive benefits including prevention of premature aging…regaining youthful vigor and vitality…reducing stress and increasing positive mental attitude… boosting memory, cognition and mental clarity…increasing libido…boosting the function of key organs and glands…protecting brain cells… protecting the body’s energy-producing mitochondria…and even reducing allergic reactions and arthritis inflammation!


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Where to Obtain the Very Best Form of Pregnenolone…

Targeted Nutrients, carries pure, therapeutic-quality pregnenolone in the highly recommended 10 mg. dosage. You get 60 tablets per bottle – a one-to-two month supply for the average person.

Unlike other vendors who sell cheap, Chinese-made pregnenolone, Targeted Nutrients pregnenolone is U.S. manufactured, produced in an FDA-approved, certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) laboratory, so you can rest assured of its impressive quality and safety.

The tiny chewable tablets are sweet-tasting, and can easily be broken in half for people who prefer to use lower dosages. (People normally take between 5 mg. and 10 mg. per day for age-related benefits, and up to 20 mg. per day for stronger therapeutic benefits such as for fatigue, emotional exhaustion, mental clarity, or as part of a long-term anti-aging program.)

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Experience the Pregnenolone Difference, Today!

If you’re anything like me, life gets awfully hectic these days, and it’s easy to end up feeling out-of-sorts. So if you think you could use a nice mental lift from time to time, pregnenolone may be just what you’re looking for.

I often take pregnenolone several times a week (in 10-20 mg. doses) just to experience that profound lift in my step it always provides! What’s most interesting to me is that the residual positive effect from taking pregnenolone in this manner can literally last for days.

Or if you’re looking for something that will seriously augment your daily anti-aging program, you might want to consider adding smaller doses (5-10 mg.) of pregnenolone to your ongoing every-day nutritional supplement regimen.

Not only will pregnenolone make you feel noticeably better, but you’ll experience a profoundly positive change in just about every aspect of your life, thanks to the way pregnenolone benefits the function of just about every organ in your body.

What’s more, experts says taking supplemental pregnenolone will help make all of your other supplements work better, too, because of the positive way it affects organ function, assimilation and circulation.

The bottom line is that you’ll feel the difference within the first few days – or you get your money back!

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Yours for better health the safe, natural way,



Steve Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients


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P.P.S. – What Experienced Pregnenolone Users Are Saying…

“Within only a couple of days of using pregnenolone, I noticed benefits such as decreased ‘brain fog’, sharper thinking and reasoning ability and a happier and more relaxed attitude. Life’s daily hurdles don’t “loom” so large now and I handle things better as a result.

I take one 10mg tablet each morning and on occasion double the dose if I know I’m going to work through a particularly challenging day. I am able to honestly attribute the changes to the pregnenolone since I changed nothing else in my daily routine other than the addition of the supplement.

I was actually surprised that I was able to tell a difference so quickly and recommend the supplement to others. To check my results, I quit taking the pregnenolone after a few months for a week. That was enough and I immediately began taking it again. I call it my ‘happy pill’!”

— Tamra B.

“Within several hours of taking it, I felt like someone turned a light on inside my head. My foggy thinking cleared up. My energy returned. The feeling of malaise and depression simply vanished. It was like coming out of a dark tunnel and shedding a 75 pound backpack at the same time. I felt light and free again.

It really put a lift back into my step, and left me with a profound sense of confidence and well-being. What’s more, my libido soared from about a two to a nine on a scale of ten.

Since that time I’ve used pregnenolone periodically, for up to several weeks at a time, and always to great effect. It’s my first choice in nutritional supplements whenever I’m feeling low on energy or stamina, or just want that extra mental and physical boost.”

— S.S.J., Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve noticed that I have a much more cheerful disposition, and I actually feel like getting things done again. I’m much more motivated. It has definitely helped put the pleasure back into my life.”

— Paul S., FL


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