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Boosts Your Memory and Mental Vitality… or You Get Your Money Back!

C:\Users\Barwick\Downloads\44327307_s.jpgBoosts Your Memory and Mental Vitality… or You Get Your Money Back!

Why are experts calling Vinpocetine the most effective all-natural memory-boosting and cognitive-enhancing nutritional supplement on the face of the earth?

It’s simple. It’s because it really works. And it has over 200 clinical studies to back up its profound effectiveness in terms of boosting both memory and mental vitality.

In fact, it boosts memory and mental clarity so effectively, the big European pharmaceutical companies lobbied to have it turned into a drug rather than allowing it to be sold as a nutritional supplement.

As a result, it’s been prescribed as a “drug” by doctors throughout Europe for the past 30 years, for cognitive disorders such as memory loss, “brain fog” and stroke, as well as for vision problems, dizziness, declining brain function and even for Alzheimer’s disease.

But the good news is this: In America you can still purchase it as a safe, natural nutritional supplement. Here’s what you need to know now…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

I don’t want to sell you a bottle of Vinpocetine.

I want to provide you with a solution that really works

If you’re beginning to suffer from mild-to-moderate memory lapses, “brain fog” or even just having trouble thinking with the same quickness and clarity of mind that you used to enjoy, this is the product you need to try right away.

It’s one of our flagship products. And I want you to be WOWED at your results, which I promise will be almost immediate. Indeed, for most people, Vinpocetine works so quickly you’ll notice positive improvement in brain function, clarity of mind and memory after the very first time you take it!

Viagra for the Brain!

vinpocetine image.png
After all, as Dr. Ward Dean, M.D., author of the bestselling book Smart Drugs and Nutrients states, safe, natural Vinpocetine is like “Viagra for the brain.”

And as Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, M.D., associate editor of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA), points out, both clinical research and doctor experience with patients demonstrate that it works quickly and effectively to boost recall, cognition, and even learning:

“All of the peer-reviewed studies I’ve seen found a significant improvement in cognitive function with Vinpocetine.

Until Vinpocetine, we physicians have had nothing to prevent cognitive decline. We only have drugs to treat after the fact.

With safe, natural Vinpocetine, patients see comparatively rapid improvement in memory functions as well as enhancement of learning and recall and overall alertness.

Results are often seen in only seven to ten days. We don’t have to wait four or six or eight weeks, like with Gingko Biloba, to see results.

What’s more, there have been more than 100 clinical studies conducted on Vinpocetine, with over 30,000 patients, proving its safety and effectiveness.”


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Astonishing Array of Benefits on Memory and Mental Clarity

Finally, as Dr. Beth M. Ley, author of the best-selling book Vinpocetine: Boost Your Brain Power With Periwinkle Extract, states:s

“Research shows that Vinpocetine provides an astonishing array of benefits. It has a very powerful stimulating effect on memory.

In Europe it is often used for the treatment of cerebral circulatory disorders that can cause such symptoms as memory loss, stroke, dizziness and even cerebro-vestibular (inner-ear) problems.

Vinpocetine has even been demonstrated to improve visual acuity – that is to say, eyesight – in 70% of subjects tested.”

Experts say Vinpocetine boosts the circulation of oxygen-rich and glucose-rich blood to the brain so effectively it almost immediately results in a vastly increased ability to concentrate and focus.

In fact, in one recent clinical study, 62% of healthy subjects exhibited significant short-term memory improvement only one hour after taking 40 mg. of Vinpocetine [Eur J Clin Pharmacol1985;28(5):567-71].

Improves Eyesight and Hearing, Too!

What’s more, recent research has demonstrated that Vinpocetine also boosts circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the eyes, thereby improving vision and eyesight disorders. In fact, in one study, Vinpocetine improved vision in 88% of test subjects [Arzneimittelforschung 1976;26(10a):1969-72].

Vinpocetine also aids in the delivery of oxygen saturated blood to the inner ear, improving hearing as well as alleviating many inner-ear problems including tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and vertigo (dizziness) [AF DR 28, 1977-80].

But there’s more to Vinpocetine than that. Much more.


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Boosts ATP (Cellular Energy) Levels in the Brain

You see, according to nutritional supplement expert George Foss, uniquely among all supplements, Vinpocetine triggers your brain cells to produce prodigious quantities of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is pure cellular energy.

This increased production of ATP within the brain quite rapidly boosts the metabolism, or energy activity of the entire brain back to the levels of a young adult.

Finally, this increased energy activity triggers two crucial functions in the brain: increased cell-to-cell communication for quicker thinking, and repair and/or replacement of damaged brain cells for optimal brain function.

That means you think faster and with greater clarity of mind. And even as you age your brain is able to repair itself as fast and effectively as when you were younger!

Completely Safe for Long-Term Use!

Finally, its long-term safety has been demonstrated in medical studies to be second to none. And with over 100 medical studies backing it up, you can rest assured of its astonishing effectiveness.

Of course, when it comes to nutritional supplements, I’m sure you’ve heard many grandiose promises before, which is why Vinpocetine comes with a rock-solid 90-day return policy so you can prove it’s effectiveness for yourself without risk.

That’s right! Try Vinpocetine from Targeted Nutrients for up to 90 days at the special “get acquainted” prices I’ve reserved for you for the next 10 days only.

And if Vinpocetine doesn’t work for you, it’s FREE. Even if you’ve taken every last capsule and are not satisfied, I will still give you every penny back. So there’s truly no risk!

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Yours for better health the safe, natural way,



Steve Barwick, President

Targeted Nutrients