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The Joint Relief Formula of Sports Figures, Movie Stars and Millionaires

C:\Users\Barwick\Downloads\49249502_s.jpgThe Joint Relief Formula of Sports Figures, Movie Stars and Millionaires

Today, we’ll be interviewing nutritional supplement expert George Foss about an arthritis relief formula called Jubilee 3TM, which is known to dramatically reverse symptoms of joint pain and stiffness.

This dramatic relief is due to six specialized all-natural ingredients that specifically promote reduced swelling along with dramatic joint and cartilage healing for maximum joint relief.

For nearly half a decade now Jubilee 3TM has been growing in popularity among those suffering from nagging joint pain and stiffness. Though some users claim it’s “better than Motrin” when taken regularly, it’s not designed to temporarily mask pain like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) but instead to provide the body with the six specific nutrients needed to help kick the healing process into high gear.

Here’s the straight scoop nobody else is talking about…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

Targeted Nutrients: George, it’s good to speak with you again. Today is a particularly good day because we’re going to be discussing the healing benefits of a phenomenal product called Jubilee 3™ Maximum Joint Relief, which you were instrumental in helping formulate for Targeted Nutrients.

As I understand it, this very unique formula is based upon the extremely positive arthritis relief results you personally witnessed being obtained by well-known sports figures, celebrities and other wealthy clients of Kayser Nutrition during your many years there as general manager. Is that correct?

George Foss: Yes, absolutely. Jubilee 3™ is based upon the very same ingredients I used to recommend when any of Kayser’s wealthy clients – whether they were professional sports stars, or movie and television celebrities, or other movers and shakers – came in complaining of arthritis symptoms or joint discomfort.

These are the ingredients that always worked. It was one of the big reasons Kayser Nutrition was so popular with the wealthy and famous.


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Targeted Nutrients: We’ll get back to that subject in just a minute. But first, I’d like to let readers who might not be familiar with you know a little bit about you. You’re the former general manager of Kayser Nutrition, which was known for some 52 years as southern California’s health food store chain to the wealthy and famous. And you’ve been a respected consultant to the nutritional supplement industry for decades, as well as the “go to” guy for a variety of television and radio news broadcasts on natural healing and nutritional supplementation. Is that right?

George Foss: Yes. That’s right. And I’m also a drug formulator for a U.S.-based drug manufacturing company. So I know more than a little bit about formulating ingredients. I’ve been on both sides of the aisle, so to speak, meaning drugs and supplements. And of course, I generally prefer the supplements. After all, providing key nutrients to the body, in the specific ratios known to produce healing, is far better than simply using a drug to mask symptoms of illness and disease.

Targeted Nutrients: That’s why we appreciate you insights so deeply, George. And that leads directly to my next question: What makes Jubilee 3™ so different from any of the other joint relief formulas on the market today? It seems to me there are tons of them out there.

George Foss: You’re right. There are literally hundreds of joint relief formulas on the market today. And they all claim to provide dramatic relief from the painful and often debilitating symptoms of arthritis. The problem is, they’re all basically the same formula. In other words, there is hardly a dime’s worth of difference between them. And they’re all sadly lacking in a number of crucial areas. Jubilee 3™ picks up where they leave off.

In fact, Jubilee 3™ is the very first formula to address all three of the major problems with arthritic joints. You see, first you have to address the pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of flexibility that is inherent in arthritis. Second, you have to address the need for ongoing cartilage and tissue repair. And third, you have to address bone loss.

Unlike other formulas that merely address pain, stiffness and swelling, Jubilee 3™ addresses each of these three crucial areas for maximum joint relief and true healing. Hence the name Jubilee 3™.

Life & Health: So what are the key ingredients in Jubilee 3™, and what makes them so effective?

George Foss: Naturally, the first thing is that Jubilee 3™ contains the requisite amounts of Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate.

These two nutrients – known as the ‘dynamic duo’ of arthritis relief, are common to almost every joint formula on the market. But there’s a good reason for that. First of all, they’re most important nutritional building blocks for the key substances that form the structural units in the cartilage in your joints. These structural units, called aggrecan, are vital for the elasticity, resilience and shock-absorbing properties of your cartilage. Glucosamine and Chondroitin help your body synthesize brand new cartilage aggrecan, so your body can repair and replace older or damaged cartilage and tissue. The end result is greater flexibility, mobility and joint stamina.

But that’s not all. When used on a regular basis, Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been demonstrated over and over again in clinical studies to help trigger relief from arthritic pain, stiffness and swelling.

In fact, studies show these two key ingredients alone, when used regularly, are even better than prescription NSAIDS drugs like Celebrex. And they work without causing any of the potentially horrific side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack and stroke inherent in the prescription drugs!

That’s why so many other formulas contain these two key ingredients. And it’s why I recommended their use in Jubilee 3™, also, in the proper therapeutic dosages.

But these two key ingredients need to be used in proper balance with each other. And additional key synergistic healing nutrients need to be added in order to take the formula to dramatic new heights for additional relief and healing.


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Targeted Nutrients: What are some of the other key ingredients in Jubilee 3TM, and why did you insist on including them in this formulation?

George Foss:  One of the most important additional ingredients I recommended when the Jubilee 3™ formula was being devised was a very generous amount of MSM.

You’ve got to remember, MSM is absolutely crucial to the promotion of cartilage proteins which helps trigger a significant degree of cartilage repair. And without cartilage repair, you are not going to get very much arthritis relief. Or, at least, it won’t last very long.

So we really hit hard on the MSM, providing a full gram – that’s 1,000 milligrams – per dose in the formula.

Life & Health: Can you tell us a little more about the benefits of MSM for people suffering from arthritic joints?

George Foss: Absolutely. MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane which is the premier natural source of biologically active organic sulfur.

MSM is a key component in over 150 crucial compounds in the body. It triggers cartilage and tissue repair in two ways. As I mentioned earlier, it is critical to the production of cartilage proteins, which in turn help stabilize the connective tissue matrix of your joint cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

But more recent research has also documented the fact that this form of sulfur is important for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, which are absolutely essential for the production of healthy new cartilage.

One more thing: Like Glucosamine and Chondroitin, MSM is also very effective in treating many types of pain and inflammatory conditions, without the serious side effects of NSAIDS. This includes pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle pain, post-traumatic pain, general inflammation and even sports injuries.

But what most people don’t realize is that a full gram per day is needed in order to provide maximum joint relief and to stimulate ongoing healing of the joints, cartilage and tissues. There are a handful of joint relief formulas on the market today with labels that scream “Now, with added MSM!” But when you check the ingredients list on the label, they only give you 100 mg. or 250 mg. or maybe 500 mg. if you’re really lucky.

In other words, there’s not enough MSM in those formulas to really make a whit of difference. But Jubilee 3™ goes all the way and provides the full amount of MSM shown in clinical studies to be necessary for the stimulation of true tissue and cartilage healing and repair.

Targeted Nutrients: I understand a very famous Hollywood movie star, who was severely afflicted with arthritis, was a huge proponent of MSM. Is that true?


Actor James Coburn, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

George Foss: You’re probably speaking of Academy Award winning movie actor James Coburn, star of the original version of the movie The Magnificent Seven, plus movies like In Like Flint, The Great Escape with Steve McQueen, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Young Guns II and many others. I think he won his Academy Award in 1997 for the movie, Affliction.

Targeted Nutrients: Yes, that’s right. I saw a TV interview with him on Larry King Live in which he couldn’t stop singing the praises of MSM. He said it a wonder nutrient, and one of the only things that helped against the crippling arthritis pain that had previously hindered his acting career.

Actor James Coburn. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

George Foss: Yes. Absolutely. Readers can verify this by going to the write-up on James Coburn on Wikipedia. There, it states (and I’ll quote from the website):

“For 20 years he tried a host of conventional and unconventional treatments, but nothing worked. “There was so much pain that … every time I stood up, I would break into a sweat,” he recalled.

Then, at age 68, Coburn tried something called MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, a sulfur compound available at most health food stores.

The result, he said, was nothing short of miraculous. “You take this stuff and it starts right away,” said Coburn. “Everyone I’ve given it to has had a positive response.”

MSM did not cure Coburn’s arthritis, but it did relieve his pain, allowing him to move more freely and resume his career.”

Targeted Nutrients: That’s fascinating. When I saw his TV interview on Larry King Live, he was a bit angered when Larry King insinuated he was taking an unproven remedy. He said something like, “I am speaking from experience. I don’t need a double-blind study with 9,000 people taking the damn stuff. I took it, and I know exactly how it works. And I’ve given it to everybody. And everybody that I’ve given it to works on them… it helped me in three days. It took the pain away in three days.”

George Foss: Yes, and Coburn also stated that he didn’t start getting well until he quit relying on doctors. In his USA Today interview, he stated of his arthritis, “I was really sick with it for a long time—until I stopped seeing doctors…Doctors want to give you drugs and keep you on ‘em. I wanted to get the root of the problem.”

Targeted Nutrients: Coburn, of course, had the more severe form of arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues, correct?

George Foss: Yes, that’s correct. And that’s what makes MSM all the more interesting, because absolutely nothing medical science has to offer works as well against rheumatoid arthritis as MSM did for Coburn. Coburn himself admitted this, repeatedly. He had previously tried every arthritis drug the doctors gave him.


Actor George Culp Photo Credit: Wikipedia

More importantly, the beneficial effects of MSM are considered by many users to be even greater against the conventional form of arthritis, osteoarthritis. This was proven out by another famous Hollywood star, the famous TV actor Robert Culp, star of I Spy and guest star on many other well-known TV shows such as The Outer Limits, Bonanza and more.

Culp had the more common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis. He claimed he became arthritic as he grew older because of a severe neck injury he’d suffered during his high school sports days as a pole vaulter.

Actor George Culp. Photo credit: Wikipedia

His doctor at the time had told him the injury would begin crippling him by the time he was 40. And it did. By the time he was 71 years old, he could no longer run. He couldn’t even walk across a street.

He then tried MSM. In a 2001 interview in USA today, he stated, “For the first time in seven or eight years I am truly pain-free and mobile.”

Targeted Nutrients: That’s amazing. And it’s all because MSM is so effective at reducing the inflammation that causes arthritic pain, and at helping repair and stabilize the connective tissue matrix of joint cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, correct?

George Foss: That’s correct. And there’s some clinical science to back it up. In one study, 80% of those taking MSM daily for six weeks reported an 82% improvement in pain relief compared to only 18% improvement in people receiving placebo.

I think it’s also important to note that Culp died in 2010 at the age of 79. And Coburn died in 2002 at the age of 74. Both of them lived long, happy and productive lives in spite of their severe arthritic afflictions. And I believe that was largely because they both chose to go the natural health route after the drug route had failed them.

Targeted Nutrients: You included some additional very unusual but completely natural ingredients when you formulated the Jubilee 3TM Maximum Joint Relief product. Please tell us about them, and why you included them.

George Foss:  Yes, I insisted on the inclusion of several other very important nutrient co-factors because my experience with arthritic customers at Kayser Nutrition demonstrated these specific nutrient co-factors can make all of the difference in the world when you want more than just temporary relief from arthritis symptoms.

For example, that’s why I insisted on the addition of Hyaluronic Acid to the formula. This is the powerful natural joint lubricant – often called the “WD-40” of the joints – which is found in all human and animal joint tissue but which unfortunately declines dramatically in humans as we age.

When present in sufficient quantities, Hyaluronic Acid provides a cushioning effect in the joints, even in joints with minimal or no cartilage. But as we age that cushioning effect slowly dissipates as our body’s levels of Hyaluronic Acid drops.

Supplementing daily with Hyaluronic Acid helps us pick up where our bodies fail us, providing more lubrication and cushion in the cartilage and joints where it is needed the most, resulting in significantly improved mobility and flexibility.

Targeted Nutrients: I’ve seen Hyaluronic Acid being used frequently by famous professional athletes, such as golfers who need maximum joint flexibility, and for gymnasts as well. Several of them have done TV commercials for various Hyaluronic acid products.

Heck, even professional sports organizations such as football and soccer teams are promoting the usage of Hyaluronic acid among their athletes, for the very reasons you’ve mentioned.

George Foss: Yes, this is very typical. And very important to understand. The professional sports community is often the first to embrace a nutritional co-factor like Hyaluronic Acid, because they have to keep their athletes in tip-top condition.

Likewise, the professional sports community is almost always first to know about a new substance when clinical research has demonstrated it to be highly effective. Then the wealthy and famous find out, and begin using it. And finally word of the dramatic healing results being achieved by famous sports figures and other celebrities begins to filter down to the general public.

This is precisely the case with Hyaluronic Acid.

Targeted Nutrients: Have there been any decent clinical studies demonstrating Hyaluronic acid to be helpful against arthritis?

George Foss: Yes, there have been a number of positive studies. In fact, one recent, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Scientific World Journal in 2012, and later re-published on the U.S. National Institutes of Health website, demonstrated that oral ingestion of Hyaluronic Acid provided significant positive effects to elderly osteoarthritis patients who exercised daily.

In fact, that study reported that when Hyaluronic Acid was ingested daily for eight weeks, physical function and total symptoms improved more dramatically in the group taking Hyaluronic Acid than in the control group in which no Hyaluronic Acid was ingested.

The study authors reported, “…the results of the present study have shown that the oral administration of Hyaluronic Acid may have beneficial therapeutic effects on patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis… This effect of Hyaluronic Acid administration may be more obvious if a subject is 70 years old or younger.”

In other words, Hyaluronic Acid worked well for all of the osteoarthritis patients in the study, but those 70 years or younger received greater benefit, and those not taking Hyaluronic Acid at all received very little benefit.

The Arthritis Research website states, “Several studies have shown that Hyaluronic Acid suppresses cartilage degeneration and reduces the release of proteoglycans from the extracellular matrix in cartilage tissue. It also protects the surface of articular cartilage, normalizes the properties of synovial fluid and reduces pain perception.”

In other words, Hyaluronic Acid stops cartilage tissue from falling apart as we age, helps normalize synovial fluid levels which are important for flexibility, and reduces pain.


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Targeted Nutrients: Okay. Let’s see if I’ve got all of this so far. Jubilee 3™ contains Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate, which are vital nutritional building blocks of the aggrecan that helps form the structural integrity of the cartilage in your joints. Taken together, they also provide significant natural pain relief.

The Jubilee 3™ formula also has a whopping 1,000 mg. of MSM, which brings biologically active organic sulfur into the tissues to help promote the production of cartilage proteins and glycosaminoglycans for added cartilage repair and strengthening of the cartilage matrix. And MSM also helps provide dramatic pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Then you’ve included Hyaluronic acid for joint protection, lubrication and cushioning – which is to say, for the promotion of maximum flexibility. What else is in Jubilee 3™?

George Foss: Next, I recommended Type II Collagen be added to the Jubilee 3TM formulation. This is the specific form of collagen needed to maintain the health and integrity of the cartilage matrix where cartilage tissue is manufactured.

Type II collagen actually aids in the body’s production of new cartilage tissue, to replace worn and damaged cartilage. In fact, of the 14 types of collagen, Type II is the most predominant and most needed by the body.

What most people don’t realize is that Type II collagen is absolutely essential to the health of our cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. As we age the quality of our joint matrix weakens dramatically. Research has shown that supplementing with Type II Collagen strengthens these structural components in the joints, often dramatically improving joint function.

Something else too. Very important. Type II collagen has been clinically demonstrated to be effective against rheumatoid arthritis, acting to help quell the auto-immune cascade in which the body continuously attacks its own cartilage.

Double-blind studies have demonstrated that Type II Collagen prevents enzymes from destroying healthy cartilage cells, promotes the growth of healthy cartilage cells, helps boost the quality of the synovial fluid for the joint, protects the cartilage from oxidative damage, and helps control pain and inflammation.

Targeted Nutrients: My goodness. It really looks like you’ve covered all of the bases. What’s left to add to an all-natural formulation like this?

George Foss: When I was at Kayser there was one more thing I found that provided phenomenal long-term relief for our wealthy clients who suffered with arthritis and joint discomfort. It’s a simple mineral called Boron.

Targeted Nutrients: Why Boron?

George Foss: Because of the studies I’d seen documenting the fact that inadequate intake of Boron causes bone changes similar to those seen in osteoporosis. When you are deficient in Boron, the result is decreased blood levels of calcium and calcitonin and increased urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium. This results in long-term bone loss and a declining ability to repair the wear and tear on bones in the joints.

Targeted Nutrients: So essentially, Boron stops bone loss?

George Foss: Yes. And it has some interesting hormonal benefits as well. In fact, lack of Boron has been repeatedly demonstrated to cause dramatically decreased blood levels of estrogen and testosterone, both of which hormones are very closely associated with proper bone growth and repair.

So the bottom line is that Boron is an essential nutrient co-factor in the development of new bone. Unfortunately, due to modern chemical farming practices, Boron is now sadly lacking in the foods we eat. This alone has caused a dramatic rise in arthritis, in my opinion.


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Targeted Nutrients: Tell us some more about why you so strongly recommended Boron for the Jubilee 3™ Maximum Joint Relief formula.

George Foss: There’s really a very interesting story behind this uniquely beneficial mineral. Dr. Rex Newman, Ph.D., D.O., N.D.., is one of the world’s foremost experts on Boron. He didn’t start out as a nutritional expert, however. He started out many decades ago as an instructor in soil science, chemistry and agricultural botany. And he ended up with a severe case of arthritis that the prescription drugs he was given by his doctor wouldn’t even touch.

Dr. Newman realized the drugs were actually allowing his condition to slowly worsen, because they only treated the symptoms of the disease and not the cause. So he began looking closer at the situation. And that’s where his background in soil science, chemistry and agricultural botany came in.

The more he studied the situation, the more he realized the soil, particularly in farming areas, was extremely deficient in key minerals. Modern farming practices had stripped the soils bare, and foods were being grown by chemical means rather than the way nature intended.

He found that soils were extremely deficient in Boron, in particular. So he started taking a Boron supplement, and his painful arthritis symptoms began to vanish. As he put it at the time, “In three weeks all pain, swelling and stiffness had gone. I was cured, and with no side effects.”

Dr. Newman went on to take his discovery to the heads of the medical departments of local universities, who all ignored him. Then he began preparing Boron capsules for a few of his friends and neighbors who had arthritis, and he healed every one of them.

At that point, he knew he was really on to something – after all, arthritis affects 30% of the human population. So he retired from teaching and began studying nutrition, eventually earning a Ph.D. and also qualifying as a naturopath, osteopath, and homeopath.

Dr. Newman then began contacting drug companies to tell them about his remarkable discovery. But they all turned him down, too, just as the local universities had. The drug companies were making too much money off of their prescription arthritis pain relief drugs. There was no way they were going to start telling arthritis sufferers that many of them could be cured simply by taking a 12 cent tablet of Boron every day.

Newman finally convinced the Royal Melbourne Hospital to undertake a brief double-blind trial. And the result was that 70% of those who completed the trial received significant relief from their arthritis symptoms using the Boron tablets. Only 12% of those who had been given placebo were helped. So the results were dramatic, to say the least.

Later, the U.S. Human Nutrition Research Center in North Dakota demonstrated that Boron works through the parathyroid – the gland that controls mineralization of bones. It was also discovered that the effect of Boron on bone fractures is dramatic. According to Dr. Newman, these fractures heal in about half the normal time when the patient is taking Boron.

The bottom line is that Dr. Newman’s research proves the theory that we are what we eat. And if we eat foods that are deficient in Boron, we will likely end up with bone loss from osteoporosis and arthritis. That’s why I insisted the Jubilee 3™ Maximum Joint Relief formula contains adequate amounts of Boron. Its benefits to the bones – which are frequently worn thin, particularly in the case of osteoarthtritis – is often very dramatic.


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Jubilee3.pngTargeted Nutrients: So you put all of these key ingredients into one formula — Glucosamine sulfate, Chondroitan sulfate, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Type II Collagen and Boron. And you put them in synergistically balanced amounts so that each one enhances and leverages the effects of the others.

George Foss: You’re absolutely right. When my clients at Kayser Nutrition took these key nutritional supplements together, in the proper ratios, they almost always achieved dramatic relief from arthritis discomfort, as well as significant ongoing healing and protection from the damage caused by the process of arthritis.

As I said, these key arthritis relief nutrients were a major reason Kayser Nutrition became so popular with southern California’s wealthy and famous. I won’t drop names here, because I believe in privacy rights for all of my clients. But some of the biggest celebrities in television, movies, sports and industry came to Kayser Nutrition, and this is exactly what we gave them for maximum arthritis relief and healing.

The only difference is, all six ingredients are now available in a single easy-to-use formula. So if you suffer from arthritis, you don’t have to take a handful of different pills every day to enjoy your life more and experience profound relief from arthritic pain and joint stiffness. You can just take Jubilee 3™ Maximum Joint Relief formula, instead.

Targeted Nutrients: George, as always it is a pleasure speaking with you. We never fail to come away from our conversations knowing a lot more than we did beforehand. We appreciate your time and your knowledge. And we strongly urge arthritis sufferers everywhere to try Jubilee 3™, so they can experience the dramatic results for themselves.


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Yours for better health the safe, natural way,



Steve Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients