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Better for the Heart than CoQ10

Close up portrait of stylish, aged, charming, surprised, shocked - the Astonishing Healing Benefits of DMGThis Little-Known Heart Nutrient Beats the Pants Off of CoQ10

You’ve no doubt heard of the heart-healthy benefits of CoQ10.

But did you know there’s a simple, inexpensive, all-natural nutrient that provides even greater benefits for the heart – benefits so astonishing that doctors themselves are now using this nutrient daily and singing its praises?

Here’s the straight scoop on this little-known nutrient that everyone with heart disease needs to know about right away…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

At age 64, heart disease victim Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., author of the bestselling book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus found a simple, all-natural solution for the crippling angina pain caused by his heart disease.

It’s called dimethylglycine (DMG) for short, and Dr. Gray found that a single pill could stop angina pain in its tracks while providing a multitude of additional heart-healthy benefits in the process.

These additional heart-healthy benefits include:

  • increased blood flow to the heart and brain…
  • increased oxygenation of the blood flow…
  • increased energy levels…
  • protection of heart cells from free radical damage…
  • balanced blood sugar levels…
  • lowered cholesterol levels…
  • and even increased happiness.

Why? Because DMG boosts your body’s production of SAMe, the happiness molecule!

Here’s Dr. Gray’s dramatic story:

“Fifteen years ago I had angina heart pain. It was hurting a lot. I come from a family with a history of heart disease. One of my brothers died of a heart attack.

Another brother has had a quadruple bypass and three heart surgeries. And another one of my brothers has had two heart attacks. So it’s in the family. And suddenly I’m getting angina from stress. Pain in the chest.

So I research it and look into the natural solutions. So I find this book on DMG – also known as dimethylglycine. And I find out there are hundreds of studies on dimethylglycine.

Yet most people have never heard of it. The Russians did the original research on it. So maybe that’s why we’ve closed our ears to it. But it’s an amazing ingredient.

Without getting too scientific, it basically helps the body do one thing: absorb oxygen better. It oxygenates the cells. You can go without food for weeks. You can go without water for days. But you cannot go without oxygen. Everything shuts down without oxygen. And here’s something that will increase your oxygen uptake.

I took DMG one day. I took one pill of it, and my angina went away.

It came back a few other times and I’d take another DMG pill and it would go away again. No side effects. No toxicity. It just gives you oxygen. It gives you power. It’s amazing stuff.

It also helps the cells protect themselves from free radical damage. It neutralizes free radicals. And it helps your body produce SAMe, a substance that basically makes you happy. It also boosts glutathione levels and helps your body detoxify.

You get help for your cardiovascular system because your heart now has more energy and more oxygen. You’re using the oxygen better. Your vessels absorb oxygen better. Blood flow increases when you use dimethylglycine. And blood sugar levels also balance when you take dimethylglycine.

Basically, every system in your body will improve with dimethylglycine. It helps with everything. And if you’ve got low energy, dimethylglycine will help increase that energy. And that will be a huge boon.”

Now, you’ve got to admit, that’s quite a testimonial.

You can see that Dr. Gray has really done his homework and takes his cardiovascular health seriously.

Through personal experience with DMG, he knows it works wonders for heart health. And through his research into DMG, he knows why it works so well.

Would you like to learn more about the heart-healthy benefits of DMG?

Would you like to see what other well-known doctors are saying about this astonishing natural substance that was once banned by the FDA because it was too effective (and which quite literally took an act of Congress to get it back on the market as a nutritional supplement)?

And would you like to discover how DMG can help keep your heart in great shape for years to come?

Just read the short article titled “The Best Heart-Healthy Nutrient Ever,” and prepare to be astonished at the multitude of ways an inexpensive daily dose of DMG can safely, naturally, and dramatically benefit people suffering from heart disease.

Yours for better heart health, the natural way…


Steve Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients