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If Slow, Creeping Memory Loss is Becoming Your Greatest Fear, Here’s a Safe Natural Solution that Will Have You Cheering

C:\Users\Barwick\Downloads\18621962_s.jpgIf Slow, Creeping Memory Loss is Becoming Your Greatest Fear, Here’s the Safe Natural Solution that Will Have You Cheering from the Roof Tops in No Time

According to the results of a recent study of over 7,000 men and women between the ages of 45 and 70, our mental dexterity and brain power begin to deteriorate much earlier than once thought.

Indeed, the brain begins to lose its sharpness of memory and its powers of reasoning and understanding as early as age 45, the scientists say, and not from age 60 onward as previously thought.

What’s more, the scientists concluded that those whose brains begin to deteriorate earliest may be more likely to develop dementia later in life.

Is there anything you can do about it? Absolutely. Here’s the rest of the story you won’t find anywhere else…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

If you’re looking for a safe, natural nutritional supplement to help reverse slow, creeping memory loss, you should definitely consider trying low-dose Pregnenolone.

After all, way back in 1995 the National Academy of Sciences researchers concluded that Pregnenolone was 100 times more effective for memory enhancement than any other natural hormone tested.

Dr. Julius G. Goepp, M.D., writing in Life Extension magazine, has stated:

“There is strong evidence that Pregnenolone levels diminish with advancing age and that restoring these levels may help alleviate deteriorating brain function….

As natural levels of Pregnenolone fall, ensuring optimal levels through supplementation may represent a crucial cornerstone to every adult’s cognitive wellness program.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O. author of The Total Health Program, agrees. He states that Pregnenolone – which is completely natural, being derived from the Dioscorea yam – “seems to be the most effective bioidentical hormone for memory improvement.”

He also states that memory may falter as we age simply because our body’s Pregnenolone levels drop precipitously as we age. He writes:

“Pregnenolone levels decline with age. And many physicians and scientists believe that replacement of Pregnenolone to youthful levels is an important step in the treatment of aging and symptoms of aging.

…Pregnenolone operates as a powerful neurosteroid in the brain, modulating the transmission of messages from neuron to neuron and strongly influencing learning and memory processes.”

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, M.B. Ch.B., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P. (M.A.) agrees, adding that “Pregnenolone’s ability to block excess production of the stress hormone cortisol may be one of the main reasons for its known memory-enhancing and mood-boosting effects.”

French Researchers Find
Even More Memory-Preserving Qualities

Recently, a team of French researchers looking into the memory-restorative qualities of Pregnenolone were stunned to find that the safe, natural hormone worked even when they gave animals a powerful memory-blocking drug.

The drug, called scopolamine, actually prevents the formation of memories by blocking receptors for the neurotransmitter acetycholine in the brain.

The researchers discovered that Pregnenolone could quickly and effectively prevent the learning deficit induced by scopolamine. This led the researchers to conclude that Pregnenolone acts directly on receptor sites in the brain that are known to be active in memory formation.

Boosts Natural Levels of Acetylcholine in the Brain

As Dr. Julius G. Goepp, M.D. has written, “Even more remarkably, from a treatment standpoint, researchers have also shown that Pregnenolone increases brain levels of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter required for optimal brain function, which becomes deficient in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Goepp goes on to state, “Acetylcholine is not only vital for thought and memory, it’s also involved in controlling sleep cycles, especially the phase of sleep that is associated with memory (called paradoxical sleep or the random eye movement [REM] phase).

Scientists have used this knowledge to study the effects of Pregnenolone on sleep cycles and discovered that it dramatically increases memory-enhancing sleep.”

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Even More Great Brain Research on Pregnenolone

Another group of French researchers found that Pregnenolone stimulates construction of ultramicroscopic structures called microtubules in brain cells. Microtubules are basically tiny intracellular “muscles” used by nerve cells to help make new connections that form the “structure” of memory.

The French researchers wrote: “Our results indicate that Pregnenolone preserves microtubule abundance in the brain.”

But it gets even better. In yet another study, this one published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America and later re-published in the journal Neurobiology, researchers concluded that Pregnenolone actually stimulates the production of brand new microtubule assembly in the brain.

Pregnenolone’s dramatic ability to preserve microtubules in the brain, as well as to stimulate new construction of microtubules, has brought interest in the hormone to a fever pitch in France, where drug companies are now trying to develop pharmaceutical derivatives of the natural hormone so they can patent and sell them as drugs for memory enhancement as well as for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Indeed, as Wikipedia confirms, “Pregnenolone and its sulfate ester are now under investigation for their potential to improve cognitive health and memory functioning.”

Wikipedia goes on to state that Pregnenolone is also being demonstrated by researchers to have positive effects on neural plasticity during aging. Neural plasticity involves enhancing the ability of the brain to shunt information and memory to other areas of the brain in the event of injury to a specific area.

Of course, in each of the above cases, researchers are working to develop prescription drug derivatives of Pregnenolone that they can sell as memory-boosting drugs.

As Dr. Julius G. Goepp, M.D. states:

“The bottom line of all this intricate science is that Pregnenolone may play a pivotal role both in laying down memories in the first place, and then preventing their loss by directly protecting the nerve networks that store them!

These complementary and versatile actions of Pregnenolone are sending shock waves of interest through the scientific community because of the enormous implications for treating all sorts of age-related disorders of memory.”

The bottom line, according to Dr. Julius G. Goepp, M.D., is this: “Pregnenolone supplementation improves brain function, often correcting impairments in memory and learning… Pregnenolone and other neuroactive steroids can protect brain cells against the long-term damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.”

And that’s absolutely true. But as Big Pharma races to produce expensive prescription drug derivatives of safe, natural Pregnenolone so they can make billions of dollars in profits from the “over 40” market, you don’t need to wait on them…

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Why Wait?

If you need help with mild-to-moderate memory issues now it’s important to know that safe, natural Pregnenolone, made from Dioscorea Yam, but identical to the Pregnenolone made in your own body, is available over-the-counter.

And one of the very best sources in the world for high-quality Pregnenolone is Targeted Nutrients brand. Targeted Nutrients Pregnenolone is safe, and completely legal. And it’s provided in the same low doses used in the clinical studies you’ve just read about.

Targeted Nutrients carries therapeutic-quality Pregnenolone in the highly recommended 10 mg. dosage. You get a full 60 tablets per bottle. The tiny chewable tablets are sweet-tasting, cherry-flavored, and can easily be broken in half for people who prefer to use lower dosages.

(People normally take between 5 mg. and 10 mg. per day for age-related benefits, and up to 20 mg. per day for stronger therapeutic benefits such as for fatigue, emotional exhaustion, mental clarity, or as part of a long-term anti-aging program.)

PregnenoloneUnlike other vendors who sell cheap, Chinese-made Pregnenolone, Targeted Nutrients Pregnenolone is U.S. manufactured, produced in an FDA-approved, certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) laboratory, so you can rest assured of its impressive quality and safety.

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Yours for improved memory and cognitive vitality, the safe, natural way…


Steve Barwick, President

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