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DMG: The #1 Anti-Aging Nutrient of All Times

DMG.pngThis unique and powerful nutrient works on the cellular level to restore virtually all bodily functions to more youthful levels.

Considered to be the #1 anti-aging nutrient of all times, it’s been recommended by Suzanne Somers in her best-selling books on maintaining youthful vitality into middle-age and beyond.

And it’s been praised by Dr. Richard Passwater, Ph.D., long-time consultant to aging sports figures and movie stars.

What’s more, it’s been extolled by Dr. Roger V. Kendall, anti-aging consultant and author of the definitive book Building Wellness With DMG.

Additionally, bestselling authors Dr. James Balch and Phyllis Balch, C.N.C. of Prescription for Nutritional Healing fame, now recommend the use of DMG for no less than 48 different health conditions!

What’s more, here at Targeted Nutrients it’s our #1 best-selling anti-aging supplement. And I promise, you’ll understand why the very first day you try it, because it will make you feel 20 years younger almost immediately!

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Steve Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients