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Discover Nature’s Solution to Restoring Razor-Sharp Memory!

Razor Sharp Memory

Sooner or later we all experience a situation where our memory isn’t so razor-sharp.

Where did I put my keys?

Did I turn off the iron?

Oh dear, what is her name?

What time is that appointment?

These common expressions are signs of forgetfulness that can affect just about anybody at any age. In fact, nearly 76 percent of Americans experience memory lapses and decreased alertness.

Some people think this is simply a natural part of aging. But it may surprise you to learn that so-called “senior moments” can affect folks as young as 30 years old!

Medical experts agree that it is natural to experience some memory loss as you age. But natural deterioration doesn’t mean you’re powerless to prevent brain drain from stealing your precious memories.

The fact is your brain needs nourishment to function properly – just like the rest of your body. And you’re about to learn about a superstar nutrient that can help rev up your brain cells!

the Superstar of Brain Nutrients

It’s called Vinpocetine (pronounced vin-PO-seh-teen) and scientific research proves this remarkable memory enhancer can help slow mental decline…improve memory and recall…increase oxygen and blood flow throughout your body…and power up your brain – regardless of your age!

Vinpocetine is so powerful that Ward Dean, M.D., world-renowned expert in anti-aging and author of Smart Drugs and Nutrients, said the nutrient is “one of the few cognitive enhancers that I actually notice a positive difference when I take it.”

But Vinpocetine is not limited to use by older persons. Anecdotal evidence confirms college kids use it to improve alertness when studying for exams. Business professionals take the nutrient to maintain peak mental performance and cognitive vitality during working hours. And even doctors have used it to stay sharp when performing surgery and other complex tasks!

You see, these folks know that Vinpocetine helps boost mental clarity, improve thought processes, and helps increase the ability to focus and concentrate. And thankfully, medical science corroborates Vinpocetine’s profound brain-boosting qualities, as you’re about to see:

100 Clinical Studies Later,
Medical Science Now Agrees

The medical establishment often says you’re powerless to prevent age-related brain decline. But new scientific evidence shows they’re wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

More than 100 clinical studies confirm that the nutrient Vinpocetine is effective at boosting brain power and slowing memory loss!

According to Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of the book Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood, European doctors began using Vinpocetine over 30 years ago to treat a wide range of brain problems including:

  • Dementia
  • Headaches
  • Inner ear problems
  • Memory impairment
  • Motor disorders
  • Senility
  • Stroke
  • Vertigo

In his book, Dr. Sahelian writes that Vinpocetine effectively dilates blood vessels, which improves oxygen and blood flow to the brain. He also states that Vinpocetine helps make red blood cells more flexible and prevents them from clotting. This is an important factor in preventing possible strokes!

And the results of numerous clinical studies prove it’s true! Consider just a few examples:

Foggy Thinking Clears!

Researchers at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England gave Vinpocetine to 203 patients suffering from mild to moderate dementia (Hindmarch 1991). In this 16-week, double-blind trial, the patients received either:

  • 10 mg daily doses of Vinpocetine three times a day,
  • 20 mg doses of Vinpocetine three times a day, or
  • A placebo three times a day.

Scientists found that patients receiving the Vinpocetine showed statistically significant cognitive improvements compared to patients receiving the placebo!

Muffled Hearing Improves!

Vinpocetine was given to 20 patients, ages 18 to 42, who suffered hearing loss and tinnitus after experiencing acoustic trauma (Konopka et al 1997).

Within one week of the trauma, tinnitus disappeared in 50% of patients who took the nutrient. And 79% of patients had improved hearing regardless of the timing of the acoustic incident!

Dim Vision Sharpens!

One hundred patients suffering with hardened arteries received 20 mg of Vinpocetine daily to increase circulation in the eye vessels (Kahan, Olah 1976).

Researchers found that visual acuities improved by an average of 73% in 88 cases! And the improvement was even more significant – a whopping 267% – in cases of hardening or blockage in the central retinal artery!

A Superior Brain-Booster

Vinpocetine is truly a superior brain booster. In fact, in one study 62% of healthy subjects showed significant short-term memory improvement just 1 hour after taking 40 mg of Vinpocetine (Subhan, Hindmarch 1985)!

And the benefits of this amazing nutrient don’t end there. Medical studies also show Vinpocetine has been effectively used to:

  • Accelerate the rate of learning by 40% (according to animal research)
  • Increase levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy in the brain’s neurons
  • Improve the brain’s use of glucose as fuel
  • Increase the short-term memory retention
  • Improve symptoms of incontinence
  • And much, much more!

Studies also show that Vinpocetine has an impressive safety record, supporting and enhancing brain function with no nasty side effects!

Your Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

As you can see, thanks to Vinpocetine there’s no reason to consider memory loss as a “natural” part of aging. Vinpocetine provides amazing benefits to improve cerebral function.

This brain-boosting nutrient has been available in the United States for nearly 20 years as a nutritional supplement. And now the same high-grade nutrient used in clinical trials is available from Targeted Nutrients!

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Vinpocetine can help improve alertness and prevent you from sacrificing your mind, your memories, or your health to aging. It’s the ultimate “brain tonic” that can help restore and preserve your precious memories for years to come!

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Yours for better memory and health the safe, natural way…
Steve Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients