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One Natural Hormone, Nine Profound Benefits

Older couple having fun - One Natural Hormone, Nine Profound Benefits

Pregnenolone has nine clinically-proven anti-aging benefits you need to know about, particularly if you’re well over 40 like me.

Physicians and scientists alike attest that Pregnenolone is the perfect supplement for those feeling a bit “older than their days” and want a natural solution to fighting off signs of premature aging.

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

Unfortunately, pregnenolone levels decline dramatically with age. And this, of course, directly affects all other hormone levels.

What’s more, many in-the-know physicians and scientists concerned with aging have now come to believe your pregnenolone levels directly affect the rate at which you age, and that increasing pregnenolone to more youthful levels after the age of 40 is an important first step in the prevention of premature aging. That’s why pregnenolone is without a doubt one of the most versatile and effective of all anti-aging supplements.

Here are the 9 key anti-aging benefits of Pregnenolone:

  • Benefit #1: Improved Brain Function – Pregnenolone has recently been demonstrated in clinical studies to help boost the brain’s level of acetylcholine. This is the neurotransmitter that is necessary for maintaining normal brain activity as we age. Acetylcholine is usually dramatically lower in Alzheimer’s patients. In other words, the more acetylcholine you have in your brain, the better your brain is protected against Alzheimer’s.
  • Benefit #2: Enhanced Memory – Studies demonstrate supplemental Pregnenolone to boost memory up to 100 times more powerfully than any other hormone studied. Simply put, it’s one of the most potent memory enhancers yet studied, having been shown to not only make people smarter but boost their moods as well, providing a profound sense of resiliency even in the face of stressful problems.
  • Benefit #3: Anxiety and Depression Relief – There have been two separate University of California clinical studies demonstrating that Pregnenolone effectively relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety. Of course, based on experiential accounts spanning the past five decades, Pregnenolone has been dubbed the “happiness hormone” by the general public thanks to its mood-boosting benefits and provide an increased sense of resilience in the face of troubling times. But now clinical researchers have proven it.
  • Benefit #4: Easing Joint Pain and Inflammation – Scientists have recently concluded that early research from the 1950s was correct, and that regular Pregnenolone usage can significantly reduce arthritic joint pain and inflammation, and even the inflammation caused by gout. This has led Dr. William Regelson, M.D., author of the best-selling book, The Superhoromone Promise, to call Pregnenolone “A kinder, gentler treatment for arthritis”
  • Benefits #5: Alleviates PMS Symptoms and Loss of Libido – According to Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, Pregnenolone alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms, “particularly hot flashes and loss of libido.” According to WebMD, “Women use pregnenolone for fibrocystic breast disease, endometriosis, symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).”And as a female writer for the Live The Nourished Life blog states, “I started taking pregnenolone a couple months ago, and once again, the effects are undeniable. My PMS is barely detectable and my cycles immediately returned to their previous, predictable 28-day length.”
  • Benefit #6: Reduces Stress – According to Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, “One of Pregnenolone’s most important actions is to counter damage caused by the natural stress hormone called ‘cortisol.’ Cortisol is helpful in modest amounts, but is toxic at higher levels Pregnenolone’s ability to block excess cortisol levels may be one of the main reasons for its known memory-enhancing and mood-boosting effects.” Biologist James South, M.A. says, “Pregnenolone produces a relaxing and mildly euphoric “stress buffer effect.”
  • Benefit #7: Combats Alcohol and Drug Addiction – A study published in the Journal of Pharmacological Science reports that pregnenolone can play a role in fighting drug and alcohol addiction. Another study has led researchers to believe Pregnenolone can successfully be used to combat the effects of withdrawal from marijuana. Also, a study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill uncovered evidence that pregnenolone plays a key role in alcohol tolerance and withdrawal.
  • Benefit #8: Lowers Cholesterol Levels – Many of the body’s hormones are produced from cholesterol. But according to Dr. R. Arnold Smith, M.D. and his research partner Sergey A. Dzugan, Ph.D., when hormone levels dwindle, the body “responds by overproducing cholesterol in an attempt to restore healthy hormone balance.” This led to conjecture that taking Pregnenolone could help reduce cholesterol levels because Pregnenolone is the hormone precursor from which all other bodily hormones are derived. And indeed, it turns out to be true. In one recent study, pregnenolone usage lowered average cholesterol levels from 263 mg/dl to just 188 mg/dl. Researchers believe this is compelling evidence that sufficient pregnenolone levels are can be used as an effective tool in the battle against excess cholesterol.
  • Benefit #9: Fights Alzheimer’s Disease – According to Life Extension magazine, “Evidence suggests that neurosteroids such as Pregnenolone may offer important neuro-protection in Alzheimer’s disease.” That’s because, in humans, Alzheimer’s disease patients have been shown to display significantly lower levels of Pregnenolone and its metabolites than patients without the disease. Says Julius G. Goepp, M.D., “It therefore seems reasonable to speculate that as natural levels of pregnenolone and other neuro-steroids fall with aging and the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, supplementing with these vital compounds should have a neuroprotective effect. And this is exactly what researchers have found.”Dr. Goepp goes on to say that “…Pregnenolone may play a pivotal role both in laying down memories in the first place, and then preventing their loss by directly protecting the nerve networks that store them. These complementary and versatile actions of pregnenolone are sending shock waves of interest through the scientific community because of the enormous implications for treating all sorts of age-related disorders of memory.”

Yes, Pregnenolone Has Even More Profound Benefits

What’s more, clinical studies have shown that Pregnenolone’s natural benefits also include:

  • Boosts natural immunity
  • Dramatically relieves fatigue
  • Restores normal energy levels and increases endurance
  • Alleviates mood disorders, relieves depression and enhances positive mental outlook
  • Relieves painful symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Relieves many symptoms of clinical depression
  • Alleviates many symptoms of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, MS and lupus
  • Alleviates chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Aids the body in the healing of nerve injuries and nervous conditions such as stress and anxiety

Only the Tip of the Iceberg

A number of cutting-edge medical researchers and scientists believe these benefits from Pregnenolone are only the tip of the iceberg. Based on newer research conducted by independent researchers, it is further believed that Pregnenolone also:

  • Improves cardiovascular status by lowering total cholesterol and LDL levels, thereby lessening incidences of heart attack.
  • Helps increase muscle mass, while decreasing the percentage of body fat.
  • Helps the thyroid gland convert T4 to the more active T3, and thus improve symptoms of low thyroid.
  • Accelerates recovery from any kind of acute stress (e.g., insufficient sleep, excessive exercise, mental strain, etc.).
  • Reduces cravings for carbohydrates, and eliminate related “high/low” mood swings.
  • Dramatically improves sex drive.
  • Eliminates chronic joint and muscle aches.
  • Enhances vision – a number of individuals who have taken Pregnenolone have reported enhancement of visual perception.
  • Maintains the “program” brain cells need to store and retrieve short-term memories, and initiate the memory storage process by stimulating the enzyme adenylate cyciase, which is needed to regulate and activate other critical enzymes required for cellular energy.

Even the Physician’s Desktop Reference, a noted medical guide that sits on the desk of just about every medical doctor in America, states of this powerful natural hormone:

“Pregnenolone is a chemical found in the brain that helps make many other chemicals in the body. It is used for sleeping problems, tension and stress, depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), to enhance the memory and help stop memory loss in conditions like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.”

What the Experts Are Saying About
the Myriad of Benefits of Pregnenolone…

Here’s what the experts are saying about the myriad of healing benefits associated with supplemental usage of Pregnenolone:

Helps Fatigued, Stressed People; Calms Anxiety

“Pregnenolone very quickly helps fatigued, stressed people regain their ability to handle stress, sometimes with a single dose. It also tends to improve function of the thyroid and other glands. It can have a calming effect on the emotions, giving a mood of resilience and an ability to confront challenges. Also, people have noticed that Pregnenolone has a “face-lifting” action, produced by improved circulation to the skin, and by an actual contraction of some muscle-like cells in the skin.”

— Dan Milosevich, Certified Nutritionist

Reduces Allergic Reactions; Lessens Arthritis Inflammation

“Pregnenolone…reduces allergic reactions, lessens arthritis inflammation and produces a relaxing and mildly euphoric “stress buffer effect”, without any of the negative side effects of cortisol…Pregnenolone improves mood, and has a mild antidepressant effect…[it] also improves energy levels by protecting your energy producing mitochondria from toxins, which would otherwise damage the mitochondria.”

— James South, M.A. (noted biologist)

Counters Stress-Related Damage from Cortisol

“Pregnenolone has been studied extensively since the 1940s…One of its most important actions is to counter damage caused by the natural stress hormone called ‘cortisol.’ Cortisol is helpful in modest amounts, but is toxic at higher levels. Pregnenolone’s ability to block excess cortisol levels may be one of the main reasons for its known memory-enhancing and mood-boosting effects.”

— Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MB ChB, MD, PhD, FRCP (MA)

Protects Brain Cells from Injury

“It is now known that Pregnenolone is one of the major hormones in the brain…It protects brain cells from injury caused by stress and fatigue, and an adequate amount has a calming effect on the emotions, which is part of the reason that it protects us from the stress response that leads to an excessive production of cortisone. People feel a mood of resilience and an increased ability to confront challenges.”

— Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D.

Improves Energy, Vision, Memory, Mental Clarity

“Some people find Pregnenolone improves energy levels, vision, memory, clarity of thinking, well-being, and often sexual enjoyment or libido. Pregnenolone may be considered a good brain enhancer in those who are deficient. Studies in rodents show Pregnenolone to be one of the most effective and powerful memory boosters. Pregnenolone may increase levels of acetylcholine in the hippocampus and other memory regions in the brain. Some women report lessening of hot flashes or premenstrual symptoms.”

— Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Improves Memory

“Pregnenolone seems to be the most effective bioidentical hormone for memory improvement…

— Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., author The Total Health Program

Tremendously Advantageous

Pregnenolone, Natural Brain-Boosting Supplement by Targeted NutrientsAs you can see, the experts agree that Pregnenolone is a tremendously advantageous anti-aging nutritional supplement with a wide range of positive benefits.

These astonishing benefits including prevention of premature aging…regaining youthful vigor and vitality…reducing stress and increasing positive mental attitude…

…boosting memory, cognition and mental clarity…increasing libido…boosting the function of key organs and glands…protecting brain cells…protecting the body’s energy-producing mitochondria…and even reducing allergic reactions and arthritis inflammation!

And above all, it actually makes you happy when you use it regularly, which is why people call it the “happiness hormone.”

So why aren’t you using Pregnenolone on a regular daily basis, like thousands of others across America?

If Pregnenolone is something you’d like to try, as an addition to your anti-aging nutrient arsenal, then Targeted Nutrients would like to make you a very special, money-saving “get acquainted” offer. You can learn more about it, here

Yours for better health, the safe, natural way…

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