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8 Natural Ways You Can Boost Your Youthful Vitality and Happiness!

A cheerful senior couple travellers with motorbike in countryside - 8 Natural Ways You Can Boost Your Youthful Vitality and Happiness!Aging can slowly, bit by bit, take away the things you love…but the good news is, there are hundreds of nutritional supplement options available in the anti-aging category to help fight back! With so many options available, however, it can be difficult to choose exactly which ones are the best for your particular needs.

That’s one reason why the Targeted Nutrients supplement line is strictly limited to a grand total of eight – yes, eight – unique and powerfully effective anti-aging supplements, research-proven to help you get back that youthful vitality and happiness!

Here’s what you need to know…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

As I mentioned above, each natural supplement in the Targeted Nutrients family is simply the most powerful nutrient supplement or formulation in its class. And each natural ingredient is proven through bonafide clinical research to really work.

Most people literally feel the difference the very first day. And my promise to you is this: I’ll never try to sell you a nutritional supplement unless I’ve used it myself, regularly, and have personally experienced its profound benefits.

The bottom line is that if a supplement doesn’t work for me, I won’t sell it to you.

So if you’re being brutalized by the ravages of aging, here are the eight anti-aging nutritional supplements I promise will help change your life, and your health, for the better, forever, just like they have for me and for thousands of others…

DMG by Targeted NutrientsDMG — The Simple, Natural Supplement that Boosts Your Strength, Stamina and Youthful Vitality as You Age!

Of all of the anti-aging nutrients on the market, researchers agree that only ONE of them performs consistently when it comes to keeping you feeling young, healthy, vital and strong – even into old age.

This little-known nutrient, called Dimethylglycine (or DMG for short), has been demonstrated through more than 40 years’ worth of clinical research to dramatically improve the nutritional environment of the cells, tissues and organs of the human body so you can function at more youthful levels no matter how old you are!

This unique and powerful nutrient works on the cellular level to restore virtually all bodily functions to more youthful levels. Considered to be the #1 anti-aging nutrient of all times, it’s been recommended by Suzanne Somers in her best-selling books on maintaining youthful vitality into middle-age and beyond…praised by Dr. Richard Passwater, Ph.D., long-time consultant to aging sports figures and movie stars…and extolled by Dr. Roger V. Kendall, anti-aging consultant and author of the definitive book Building Wellness With DMG. Additionally, bestselling authors Dr. James Balch and Phyllis Balch, C.N.C. now recommend the use of DMG for no less than 48 different health conditions!

And as Jiashu Zhang, scientist, inventor and patent holder of a “Method of producing N, N-dimethylglycine hydrochloride” states in his patent:

“…Conclusively, as a nutritional supplement, DMG can improve physical and mental performance…the nutritional and physiological properties of DMG come from it being an ergogenic substance (i.e., it tends to increase work output), an anti-stress nutrient, a cell antioxidant, and an immune response potentiator.”

What’s more, DMG is our #1 best-selling anti-aging supplement, and you’ll understand why the very first day you try it, because it will make you feel 20 years younger almost immediately!

What Experienced DMG Users Are Saying…

Evens High Blood Pressure And Reduces Stress At Work

“DMG has some unique uplifting qualities I truly enjoy every time I take it. I DO feel younger! But beyond that, it also evens out my high blood pressure and reduces my stress at work. I’m a secretary to the vice-principal at a local high school. It’s much easier to make it through a busy workday with DMG, and my work output has definitely increased. I even enjoy my co-workers more. And above all, I very much like the way it makes me feel. I haven’t found anything quite like it in the past. It’s actually a very pleasant experience all of the way around. Thank you!”

– Gladys C., Coral Gables, FL

Amputation Cancelled: Immunity Boosted and Tissues Completely Healed

“I had a coworker, a nice young lady who was involved in a bicycle accident in Santa Barbara. One of the bicycle spokes went through an index finger, and it became severely infected. Antibiotics didn’t work. The doctors were going to amputate her finger as far back as the middle knuckle. She was very upset to say the least. So I gave her a bottle of DMG, and told her to start taking it, because it’s known to boost immunity and increase healing responses by up to 400%. And within two weeks she went back to the doctors and he postponed the amputation because of the very obvious healing that was suddenly taking place. And two weeks after that he cancelled the operation altogether, saying that the tissues had completely healed!”

– G.F., CA

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality DMG at a special, get-acquainted discount price, here

Vinpocetine — A Sure-Fire Natural Cure for Memory Loss

Is there really a way to reverse memory loss and restore mental clarity, simply by triggering the brain cells to produce more ATP?

What If I told you this safe, natural substance has been a prescription memory drug in Europe for over 20 years, but much to the chagrin of the FDA, it can now be sold in the U.S. as a dietary supplement.

And what if I told you over 200 clinical studies back up its astonishing memory-boosting and cognitive-enhancing qualities? And that it works in as little as one hour!

This is our famous pharmaceutical-grade memory booster, direct from Europe, with over 100 clinical studies demonstrating its unique ability to reverse memory loss and restore mental clarity and concentration. It’s been demonstrated in clinical studies to boost memory by up to 40% in under three hours, and to nourish and revitalize brain cells by triggering them to produce abundant levels of natural cellular energy.

As Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, M.D. has stated, “All of the peer-reviewed studies I’ve seen found a significant improvement in cognitive function with Vinpocetine…there have been more than 100 clinical studies with over 30,000 patients, proving its safety and effectiveness.”

What Experienced Vinpocetine Users Are Saying…

Increased Clarity of Mind Even Under Strenuous Circumstances

Linda, Experienced Vinpocetine User“I’ve been taking Vinpocetine for over a year now. I’ve noticed that I have clarity even when I overextend myself. I decided to start taking it after I read your article. I’m now 60 and my desire is to keep my focus. We seem to be pressured on all sides. My husband has not had work in a year as he is an energy consultant in coal bed methane which has gone flat with many out of work. Thank the Lord we are getting work in geothermal starting this month and we are thankful. Getting a good night sleep is also very important. My husband also takes Vinpocetine and feels it has helped him keep focused. Mostly I believe we are better overall and believe this is a great product and will continue to use it. I was visiting with a friend last week and she was complaining about her memory and Paul told her to order your product; based on our experience we believe it will clear her memory and bring back her recall with great efficiency.”

– Linda S.

Uplifting…Mentally Stimulating…Felt Better After the Very First Capsule!

C.W., Experienced Vinpocetine User“Last year, I was under a lot of pressure at work and at college. I wasn’t enjoying my job, and was extremely stressed. Worst of all, I was always mentally exhausted. I got a D for the first time in one of my college classes, because I just couldn’t focus or concentrate like I needed to. My clarity of thought was gone. That’s when my uncle told me about Vinpocetine from Targeted Nutrients. He said it had helped him with the severe mental fatigue (he called it ‘brain fog’) he had experienced directly after a surgery. So I got some Vinpocetine and started taking it. Right away, after the very first capsule, I felt better. Vinpocetine actually worked better than anything the doctors had given me – especially since all they prescribed were antibiotics, even though I wasn’t sick, just mentally fatigued. The Vinpocetine had a very uplifting, mentally stimulating effect. It allowed me to think more clearly and focus on the complex issues I had to deal with at the time, both at college and at work. I only took the Vinpocetine a few times a week over a period of several months. But it really made a big difference, and believe me I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again if I needed it.”

– C.W., Denver, CO

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality Vinpocetine from Europe at a special get-acquainted discount price, here

Pregnenolone, Natural Brain-Boosting Supplement by Targeted NutrientsPregnenolone — The “Happiness Hormone” Everybody Loves!

Can this powerful natural supplement boost your energy, vitality, and health to more youthful levels, while increasing your sense of happiness and emotional well-being?

When Oscar-winning comedic actress Goldie Hawn was asked in a Vanity Fair interview, “When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?” she replied with a single word: “Happy.”

Most of us can relate to that simple, honest childhood desire for happiness.

Unfortunately, as we grow older, a host of subtle and some not-so-subtle changes begin to take place in our bodies. And those changes can lead to a number of health challenges that can rob you of your energy, vitality, stamina, physical strength, mental acuity and yes, even your emotional well-being, i.e., your happiness.

Called the “feel good” hormone because of its ability to lift your mood and boost flagging energy levels, Pregnenolone is the grand precursor from which almost all of the body’s natural hormones are made, including DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen. Unfortunately, as we age, our body’s normal levels of Pregnenolone tend to plummet by as much as 60%, resulting in physical weakness, memory loss, poor concentration, excessive stress, loss of positive mental outlook, and more.

Thankfully, taking safe, natural Pregnenolone in small daily nutritional supplement doses helps boost vitality, relieves stress, banishes depression, improves memory and concentration and dramatically uplifts one’s spirits. In short, Pregnenolone restores that youthful lift in your step and puts that happy glint back into your eyes, allowing you to enjoy the bounding natural happiness and profound sense of well-being you knew in your younger years.

What Experienced Pregnenolone Users Are Saying…

The Feeling of Malaise and Depression Simply Vanished!

“I first tried pregnenolone about ten years ago, on a trip back east to a religious conference. I hadn’t been feeling well for weeks before we left. In fact, I felt completely wiped out physically, and was somewhat depressed mentally, and didn’t know if I’d make it through the conference. The only reason I went is that our airline tickets were non-refundable. I’d even been to the doctor and had a complete checkup before we left, but he couldn’t find anything wrong, in spite of the fact that I was overwhelmed with fatigue and a general feeling of malaise. I had read about pregnenolone and ordered some, and brought it with me on the trip. But I was reluctant to take it, because I don’t like taking anything new while traveling in case there are side effects. But by the time my wife and I reached our hotel room in Branson, I was feeling worse than ever. So I decided to chance it and take the pregnenolone. Boy, am I glad I did! Within several hours of taking it, I felt like someone turned a light on inside my head. My foggy thinking cleared up. My energy returned. The feeling of malaise and depression simply vanished. It was like coming out of a dark tunnel and shedding a 75-pound backpack at the same time. I felt light and free again. It really put a lift back into my step, and left me with a profound sense of confidence and well-being. What’s more, my libido soared from about a two to a nine on a scale of ten. Since that time I’ve used pregnenolone periodically, for up to several weeks at a time, and always to great effect. It’s my first choice in nutritional supplements whenever I’m feeling low on energy or stamina, or just want that extra mental and physical boost.”

– S.S.J., Las Vegas, NV

Decreased “Brain Fog”, Sharper Thinking, Happier and More Relaxed!

“Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion on the pregnenolone supplement. After doing much research, I decided to add this supplement to my daily regime and have been very happy with the results. Within only a couple of days, I noticed benefits such as decreased ‘brain fog’, sharper thinking and reasoning ability and a happier and more relaxed attitude. Life’s daily hurdles don’t ‘loom’ so large now and I handle things better as a result. I take one 10mg tablet each morning and on occasion double the dose if I know I’m going to work through a particularly challenging day. I am able to honestly attribute the changes to the pregnenolone since I changed nothing else in my daily routine other than the addition of the supplement. I was actually surprised that I was able to tell a difference so quickly and recommend the supplement to others. To check my results, I quit taking the pregnenolone after a few months for a week. That was enough and I immediately began taking it again. I call it my ‘happy pill!'”

– Tamra B.

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality Pregnenolone at a special get-acquainted discount price, here

D-Ribose by Targeted NutrientsD-Ribose — The Overlooked Energy Booster That Really Gets You Moving Again!

If your doctor tells you one more time there’s nothing that can be done about your low energy levels, tell him to heave all of his outdated medical books into the East River and get caught up with modern science.

After all, it’s a crying shame. 33 million Americans cite “energy loss” as their greatest health challenge. Yet doctors say there’s absolutely nothing they can do to help you. It’s all part of getting older, they tell you. You’ve got to learn to live gracefully with it.

Well, pardon me. But dragging my read-end around all day long isn’t my idea of aging gracefully. Feeling like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck, and that I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders isn’t my idea of living gracefully either. And it shouldn’t be yours.

D-Ribose is the world’s most unique and powerful all-natural energy booster. Unlike stimulant drugs that squeeze adrenaline from your adrenal glands, giving you a short jolt of nervous energy followed by a long crash, D-Ribose instead conquers stubborn fatigue and low energy levels naturally.

It quite literally floods your body’s 70 trillion cells with a complex, 5-carbon healing sugar that’s needed every minute of every day by your body’s cellular mitochondria so they can produce enough ATP to invigorate your cells, tissues and organs and keep them functioning at peak levels all day long.

The result is pure, natural cellular energy – quite literally the kind of clean, boundless natural energy you always enjoyed in your younger days.

What Experienced D-Ribose Users Are Saying…

Beat Fibromyalgia, Life Became More Fun!

Mary B. Testimonial for D-Ribose“Several years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was frustrated by the fatigue more so than the pain. I found it hard to keep on going. If I were at work, in the afternoons I wanted a nap. I could no longer do housework without taking many breaks. I became a person who turned down invitations even to go to the movies as I had to ‘save’ my energy for work and work at home. Since taking the D-Ribose, I am almost back to being me. The first day I took it I went to church, came home, and mowed the lawn in 94 degrees without a rest break. I did laundry, floors and got into closets that I hadn’t done in years. People at work have noticed my energy level and best of all I took my son up on his invitations to two movies in one week! He said I’m more fun. I am more fun. It’s fun to once again be the person I was before the fibromyalgia kicked in.”

– Mary B., Las Vegas, NV

60-Year-Old Forest Service Worker Outworks the Younger Crew!

“I’m 60 years old and work on the trail crew with the forest service and it can be grueling work.

I tried D-Ribose as an experiment and am glad I did as the younger crew say I can outwork them, and I feel good doing it.

We have just replaced the bridge you can see in the accompanying photo that had washed out.”

– Steve Murphy

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality D-Ribose at a special, get-acquainted discount price, here

Jubilee 3 by Targeted NutrientsJubilee 3TM — The Joint Pain Formula of Hollywood Movie Stars and Millionaires

Many people don’t know that the famous Academy Award-winning Hollywood actor, James Coburn, and the Emmy Award-nominated TV star Robert Culp, both suffered from severe arthritis pain which had left them crippled and unable to continue their acting careers.

Coburn suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis. And Culp suffered from crippling osteoarthritis. Yet both of these actors made astonishing recoveries from their arthritis misery and returned to acting. And they did so by using a completely natural substance that’s rejected by doctors, yet has been known for decades for its proven ability to dramatically reduce arthritis pain and help the body rebuild damaged joint cartilage and tissue.

If you too suffer from the daily misery of arthritis pain and stiffness, you need to take a closer look at Jubilee 3TM

This is the one joint relief formula guaranteed to get you back on your feet again by attacking arthritis pain, inflammation, cartilage degradation and bone loss from three different directions.

First, it contains two all-natural ingredients that help mitigate the pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of flexibility that’s inherent in arthritis. Second, it contains three more all-natural ingredients needed for ongoing cartilage and tissue repair. And third, it contains a unique all-natural nutrient that helps prevent (and reverse) bone loss.

Let the healing start today! Take Jubilee 3TM consistently, and you’ll experience dramatic, long-lasting relief from chronic joint pain and arthritic stiffness, as well as long-term healing of age-related cartilage and tissue damage and bone loss!

What Experienced Jubilee 3TM Users Are Saying…

Avoided Shoulder Surgery

GCG, Experienced Jubilee 3 User“I am 71 years old. I had long-term damage to my right shoulder due to arthritis and an injury and the inflammation caused by that.

An orthopedic surgeon flushed the inflammation from my shoulder, but he could not relieve me of the arthritis damage. He said the inflammation would return and that ball and joint replacement would be necessary in the near future.

That was several years ago. After using your product, I have experienced no pain, neither has the inflammation returned. I believe I have avoided future surgery.”

– G.C.G.

Remarkable Easing of Tension

Monima, Experienced Jubilee 3 User“Since the mid-1990s, I have suffered from increasing pain in my sacroiliac joint as a result of a rollerblading fall.

When it flared up into a spasm, all I could fall back on was valium and aspirin. The agony would continue for 3 days before subsiding.

But since I’ve began taking Jubilee 3™ there’s been a remarkable easing of the tension in my lower back.

The relief I’ve felt since taking Jubilee 3™ has been overwhelming. I suspect it’s because the tissue is repairing and is becoming more flexible and healthy.”

– Monima O’Connor, UK

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality Jubilee 3TM at a special get-acquainted discount price, here

Maca Root by Targeted NutrientsMaca Root — The Secret Weapon for both Men and Women looking to Boost their Energy and Libido… and Even Help Improve Menopausal Symptoms!

This libido and energy-boosting herb is the #1 supplement in South America for restoring lost sexual vigor and vitality in both men and women. It works by triggering the release of the sexual arousal chemicals in your brain. So if your “sex parts” work, but your sex drive is in the tank, this is the safe, natural herb from Brazil that will help quickly turn the tide.

Highly recommended by top researchers such as Dr. Gary F. Gordon, M.D., former president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, who admits he personally benefits from the powerful aphrodisiac-like qualities of Maca Root. Health and human sexuality expert Cynthia Pasquella says, “This lovely plant from Peru contains a chemical called p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate which has some profound aphrodisiac properties for both men and women.”

And as Personal Trainer Fotis Chatzinicolaou notes, Maca Root is an amazing natural energy booster:

“The macamides [in Maca Root] boost energy and stamina by raising the body’s metabolism. The macaenes [in Maca Root] boost energy levels by turning fatty acids into an energy source for the body. And the various plant sterols impart their multitudinous benefits to the body, stimulating ATP production in the mitochondria, increasing energy and even by acting as mild forms of growth hormone.

…. Unlike over-the-counter stimulants or prescription stimulant drugs which temporarily boost energy levels but end up draining the body’s energy reserves and reducing long-term stamina, the unique nutrients found in Maca Root act to build up the body’s own natural energy reserves and stamina.”

What’s more, Maca root is also known as an adaptogenic herb that helps the body balance its hormonal levels and other functions naturally, without risky drug therapy, through its subtle actions on the adrenal glands, pancreas, and the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

In fact, women almost universally praise Maca root for its startling ability to help tamper down the more frustrating symptoms of menopause, including reducing hot flashes and night sweats and improving overall mood stability.

As you can see, Maca root really works, and women are singing its praises. So if you suffer from menopausal symptoms of any kind, it might well be worth trying!

What Experienced Maca Root Users Are Saying…

Johnny’s Got His Groove Back!

“I’ve been living with severe pain in both knees, and in my neck, middle, and lower back due to injuries I sustained over 30 years ago. Each day since then has left me with the challenge to accomplish the simplest things as learning to walk again upon getting out of bed.

…. The past year or two however I’ve been feeling extremely run down, constantly tired throughout each day, and hardly able to do more than get up to eat my three meals until my wife got me a bottle of this Maca Root product she discovered through her research.

It did take a few weeks to feel the effects, but when it kicked in I can gleefully say that Johnny’s got his groove back and I’m once again accepting the challenge to set new goals of how many more tasks I can achieve from each previous day of my revitalized life.”

– John C.

Felt That Old School-boy Urge Coming Upon Me…

“…. I tried the Targeted Nutrients Maca Root product and…after several weeks I actually felt that old school-boy urge coming upon me, from the inside.

You mention research showing that Maca root affects pleasure centers in the brain, and I think it really does. At least, for me, it was like someone turning on a switch in my brain, only gradually. It not only made me feel better than usual, both mentally and physically, but it also brought back that old desire.

…. I wanted you to know that my skepticism about this product was completely alleviated the very week I tried it. And I’m grateful that you provide this unique supplement, along with enough information to trigger my curiosity. Thanks!”

– S.S., Las Vegas, NV

Little to no Hot Flashes… Can’t Live Without It!

“I started taking Maca over a year ago due to horrendous hot flashes. Let me tell you something it works! I have little to no hot flashes and it helps with other perimenopause and PMS symptoms as (mood swings, etc.). Love this herb and I’m so glad I found it. Can’t live without it!”

– A Happy Maca Root User via Web M.D.

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality Maca Root at a special get-acquainted discount price, here

AMG, Natural Brain-Boosting Supplement by Targeted NutrientsAMGTM — 3 Powerful (and Little-Known) Nutrients to Restore Optimal Brain Function Fast!

Your brain is a magnificent organ. Like your heart, it runs 24 hours a day. It’s the master control center for your whole body.

But like every organ of your body, your brain needs some very specific nutrients in order to function at peak levels and allow you to think with youthful clarity.

Indeed, the nutrients you feed your brain each day help determine the quality of your mental prowess – your cognitive dexterity and mental agility. Proper brain nutrition is absolutely critical to maintaining youthful thinking processes all of the way into old age.

So if your thinking is getting fuzzy, this combination of three crucial brain nutrients will help you restore optimal brain function… fast!

Only Targeted Nutrients has this unique, patent-pending combination of adenosine triphosphate (i.e., ATP) for increased brain cell energy…plus methylcobalamin for enhanced brain and nervous system function…and glucoronolactone to help release your brain’s pleasure-inducing chemicals for greater mental clarity, faster, sharper thinking and a profound feeling of youthful exuberance and mental and physical well-being.

What Experienced AMG Users Are Saying…

Actually Does What It Claims to Do

“Very grateful to have found out about AMG. Writing to say thank you. This should be your flagship product. There’s really nothing else like it out there. It’s one of the very few nutritional supplements I’ve tried that actually does what it claims to do.

I take it each day, and within an hour or so I not only start feeling better mentally – it actually puts a smile on my face – but I’m now able to maintain consistent mental energy throughout the entire day. No more sputtering thoughts. No more mental cobwebs. No more forgetfulness. This stuff really works. It’s a Godsend for people like me who never thought much about brain nutrition and brain optimization during my younger years.”

– Sheila B., Midwest City, OK

Turned My Life Around!

“It wasn’t until I read about AMG that I realized how critically important it is to feed the brain the specific nutrients it requires each day for peak mental energy and function. After reading about AMG, I figured if we take natural thyroid hormone to improve thyroid gland function as we age, and if we take Saw Palmetto to improve prostate function as we age, and if we take lutein or other supplements to improve the function of our eyes as we age, then it makes a whole helluva lotta sense that there are nutrients that will help optimize the health and well-being of the brain, as well.

So I bought the product. And I’m glad I did. If I wanted to be sensationalistic about it, I’d say that taking AMG each day has turned my life completely around. Poor recall is now a thing of the past. Thinking, focusing and concentrating are a pleasure again, instead of a struggle. And that daily grinding mental fatigue has been replaced by a profound sense of well-being. I credit it all to AMG and urge everyone to try it.”

– B. Cramer, Lodi, CA

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality AMG at a special get-acquainted discount price, here

Wide Awake! from Targeted NutrientsWide Awake! — More All-Natural Get-Up-and-Go Than You’ve Ever Enjoyed!

When I was a youngster many years ago, there was a cartoon superhero named Atom Ant.

And whenever a crisis would strike or a bad guy would strut onto the scene wreaking havoc, no matter what the superhero was doing, he’d stand up and yell, “Up and at ’em, Atom Ant!”

Then he’d rush out and confront the bad guy, and resolve the crisis in no time flat.

I have to admit, now that I’m much older and have more trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, I occasionally flash back to that childhood cartoon for a brief moment while I’m laying there trying to talk myself into getting up. And sometimes I’ll give myself that one-line pep talk…“Up and at ’em, Atom Ant!” Then I reluctantly bounce out of bed and start my day.

As we get older, it gets harder and harder to get moving in the morning with the kind of youthful vigor and enthusiasm we used to enjoy in our more youthful days.

That’s why we’ve combined nature’s best morning energizer with nature’s kind and gentle ‘nirvana compound’ which gives you the morning get-up-and-go you need to conquer the world with a smile on your face.

To help “clear the cobwebs” you get a small amount of energy-boosting caffeine (the same amount you’d get in a premium cup of coffee at Starbucks). And to help put the youthful enthusiasm back into your day you’ll enjoy 400 mg. of glucoronolactone, a unique natural brain stimulant and euphoria-inducing molecule derived from glucose that quickly and reliably triggers your brain’s “happy chemicals.”

So if you’re mornings are becoming a drag, and coffee just isn’t doing the trick any longer, consider popping an inexpensive capsule of Wide Awake! with your first meal of the day. It’s a real turn-on, I promise.

What Experienced Wide Awake! Users Are Saying…

Puts a Smile on My Face and a Lift in My Step

Joshua Lancaster“Steve, you’re absolutely right, as usual. This stuff really wakes me up, puts a smile on my face and a lift in my steps. I haven’t used coffee in the mornings or energy drinks in the afternoons since I got my bottle of Wide Awake! I wish I’d have listened to you and got some sooner. I can’t thank you enough.

Even my wife has noticed that I feel, look and act more resilient. I’ve never really gone for all of this natural stuff in the past. I’ve been drinking coffee for over 30 years and started on the energy drinks two years ago when things got tough at work. But now they’re a thing of the past.”

– Joshua A., Lancaster, CA

It Makes a World of Difference for Me in the Mornings

Ian Goodman“I don’t always have time for coffee. And frankly, I don’t always want coffee. That’s when Wide Awake! comes in handy. I keep a bottle in the kitchen cabinet, and a bottle in my desk drawer at work in case I forget to take it before I leave the house in the morning. I tell you, it makes a big difference for me in the mornings. I’ve tried a lot of energy supplements. Nothing quite like this one. No jitters or jangled nerves. Just smooth energy. And I do feel better when I take it, too. By that I mean happier. I guess that’s the gluco stuff you have in it. Whatever it is, it really works.”

– S. Goodman, Seattle, WA

Learn how to try Targeted Nutrients high-quality Wide Awake! at a special get-acquainted discount price, here

Aging May Be Inevitable
But Being Brutalized by It Is Not

The bottom line is this: There’s simply no reason to let the long, slow ravages of aging take you down before your time.

While aging is quite natural, nature has also provided effective solutions for making it not only tolerable, but nearly as enjoyable as your more youthful years.

I’m 65 now, and I don’t know what I’d do without the above supplements. My wife and I use every one of them, some on an “as needed” basis, and some every single day. And they never fail to do the trick for us.

So click on the supplement photos or links above and read more about each one of these unique and proven anti-aging supplements. And be sure to check out our special money-saving get-acquainted offers on each one. Try at least a couple of these powerful natural remedies for yourself, and see what a profound difference they’ll make in your life.

You’ll be happily surprised, I promise. They’re quite literally the 8 most powerfully effective anti-aging supplements I’ve ever come across. And they truly will help change your life and your health, for the better…forever!

Yours for a long and happy life, naturally,

Signature of Steve Barwick, President of Targeted Nutrients (250px)

Steve “Well Over 40” Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients