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Did You Know Maca Root Can Help Boost Energy and Endurance?

Waist up portrait of happy senior couple walking with poles in winter forest and smiling at camera - Did You Know Maca Root Can Help Boost Energy and Endurance?Maca root is well known for its ability to boost libido, but did you know it is also widely used by athletes as a powerful energy supplement that can also help increase endurance?

By helping to balance the body’s organs – including the endocrine system, adrenals and thyroid – it aids in bringing the body into natural homeostasis, allowing people once again to experience the bounding natural energy we all took for granted when we were young…without causing excessive stimulation, jitters or other negative effects!

Keep reading to discover why Maca Root could help those of us beyond our 40s feel more energized from the inside out, and to enjoy more youthful endurance than we have in decades…

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients

Maca root is best-known for its libido-boosting benefits in both men and women, as well as its ability to reduce symptoms of menopause. But did you know that many people take it regularly purely for its safe, natural energ and endurance-boosting benefits?y

According to Personal Trainer Fotis Chatzinicolaou, most researchers actually weren’t sure what made Maca Root such an energy-boosting and stamina-enhancing plant until fairly recently. He notes three studies:

  • A study in 2009 found, “…feeding Maca Root to cyclists dramatically improved their 40 km cycling time performance.”
  • In 2017, another study, “…researchers proved that mice fed Maca were able to swim for longer distances. They did this by retaining more glycogen in their muscles. As you may know, glycogen is the “fuel” of your muscles. This might explain why people and animals who consume Maca Root can keep moving when others around them are pooping out – their muscles need less fuel than usual!”
  • And then in a very recent 2019 study, researchers, “…examined Maca Root’s effect on a variety of physical attributes. Researchers gave Maca Root to one group of patients and a placebo to another group. After 28 days, both groups had their fatigue, strength and sexual appetite tested. And as you might have guessed, the Maca Root group came out on top!”

What Makes Maca Root So Darned Good for Your Energy Levels?

In an article by Fotis Chatzinicolaou, he notes that there are 3 different ways Maca Root can help you fight fatigue and increase your energy and stamina.

Take a look at this excerpt:

#1: Macamides – One of the ways Maca Root gives the body loads of vibrant energy is through compounds called macamides, which are metabolites (i.e., metabolism boosting substances) that are completely unique to Maca Root.

No other plant on the face of the earth has these astonishing, energy-boosting metabolites, which researchers describe as “bioactive marker compounds” since they’re part of what makes Maca Root actually work in the human body. A “bioactive marker compound” simply means a group of active constituents with overall therapeutic activity in the body.

So far, 31 different macamides have been discovered in Maca Root. And as it turns out, each of these molecules subtly boosts energy levels throughout the human body, thanks largely to their beneficial effects on metabolism.

#2: Macaenes – These are long-chain fatty acids found almost exclusively in Maca Root, which have been demonstrated to have numerous crucial bioactive functions in the human body.

Like macamides, the macaenes are also considered to be “bioactive marker compounds,” meaning active constituents of the plant with distinct therapeutic activities of their own.

Macaenes work by increasing the utilization of fatty acid as an energy source. This means they not only help lower unhealthy cholesterol levels in the blood, but they help convert those blood fats into bodily energy.

As an aside, the team of analytical chemists who discovered macamides and macaenes in Maca Root found that, in experiments with animals, these two compounds were not just great energy-boosters, but were also phenomenal libido-boosters, as well.

In their animal experiments, these researchers found that both bodily stamina and frequency of copulation were increased radically as macamides and macaenes from Maca Root were added to the animal’s diets. In other words, macamides and macaenes not only increase stamina, but they also boost sex drive!

This research is what led Dr. Michael Balick of the New York Botanical Garden and Dr. Roberta Lee to write their ground-breaking feature article for Alternative Therapies magazine, entitled “Maca: From Traditional Food to Energy and Libido Stimulant.”

#3: Plant Sterols – As it turns out, Maca Root is a rich source of plant sterols, aka phytosterols, which are also known as “Mother Nature’s anabolic steroids.” These plant sterols include:

Sitosterol, which is widely known to dramatically influence the function of the cellular mitochondria, enhancing ATP production. Of course, ATP is the pure cellular energy that every organ in your body requires, 24 hours a day, for peak function. Interestingly, as it’s further metabolized in the body, sitosterol also breaks down into androstenedione, a steroid precursor which the body uses to produce testosterone, which in turn provides even more bodily energy, endurance and stamina.

Campesterol is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits in osteoarthritis. But it’s also known for its ability to act as a mild growth stimulant, similar to growth hormone. According to the Human Metabolome Database, campesterol is classified as both an “energy source” as well as an “energy storage” molecule, meaning that it’s needed and utilized by the body for the production of energy.

Ergosterol is a pro-vitamin form of vitamin D2, meaning that it converts to D2 inside the body. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, research from Newcastle University demonstrates that vitamin D is “vital for making our muscles work efficiently and for boosting energy levels.” That’s because the vitamin “enhances the activity of the mitochondria,” which produces our body’s cellular energy molecule, ATP. In short, ergosterol helps the body produce more cellular energy by converting to vitamin D2 and stimulating the cellular mitochondria to produce higher levels of ATP, which otherwise tend to dwindle as we age.

Brassicasterol, another plant sterol found in Maca Root, is catabolized (broken down into smaller molecules) in the body, releasing energy in the process. According to the Human Metabolome Database, brassicasterol is classified as both an “energy source” as well as an “energy storage” molecule, meaning that it’s utilized by the body for the production of energy.

Peruvian biologist and noted Maca Root expert, Dr. Gloria Chacon, says these particular sterols work their magic on the human body by stimulating the hypothalamus-pituitary axis, which are the master glands of your body that include the thyroid, the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland and the gonads.

It’s these glands that regulate every organ that gives your body its vim and vitality. In fact, they control your body’s reactions to stress. And they regulate many bodily processes, including digestion, the immune system, mood and emotions, sexuality, and energy storage and expenditure.

So, by consuming those plant sterols, via Maca Root, you fine-tune your “internal metabolic engine” and quite literally energize your entire body.”

Experts Agree: Maca Will Boost Your Energy Levels!

In a review of further clinical studies on Maca, published in Germany and titled “Maca: A Plant from the Highlands of Peru – From Tradition to Science,” researchers wrote,

“Randomized clinical trials have shown that Maca has favorable effects on energy and mood, may decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire.”

The well-known family therapist Shelly Davidescu states of her experiences with Maca root,

“I found that Maca is one of those life-changing super foods. I noticed a positive shift and increase in my levels of energy and mood. I often mix up my physical routine with yoga and circuit weight training, so that extra nutritional boost with Maca feels awesome and improves my recovery time!”

Author Beth Ley, Ph.D. and author of the book, MACA: Adaptagen and Hormonal Regulator, says,

“Maca is excellent for adrenal exhaustion and fatigue. It increases energy and stamina. And due to the number of steroidal glycosides present in Maca root it is very rapidly gaining popularity with serious weight lifters and body builders.”

Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, says of Maca root, “…it’s a plant known for more than 2,000 years for its legendary ability to deliver energy and mental clarity….”

And Samara Zelniker, the well-known health and wellness coach and founder of Mindfulness Matters, states of Maca root,

“There are many reasons to include Maca in your diet. In addition to the stress-relief elements, it has the ability to increase energy levels, stamina, and mood, and can be used instead of coffee to make you feel more alive, energized, and driven.”

Dr. Henry Campanile, M.D., an internal medicine practitioner in Florida, also writes:

“One of my patients told me about Maca, and I started taking it about a month ago. It is phenomenal! I haven’t felt this good since I was 20 years old. I have so much energy and look so well, my patients have remarked on it and told me how rested I seem. I’ve got so much energy now I have started an exercise program.”

Kim Evans, author of the book Cleaning Up! The Ultimate Body Cleanse, says the energy-boosting benefits of Maca root are better than coffee. She writes:

“Find yourself depending on coffee for a boost in the morning? Why not try Maca instead? Maca is a root from Peru; it’s a tuber, like a potato, and offers an amazing energy boost for those with low energy. Maca however, unlike coffee, offers energy in a non-caffeinated way that supports the body.”

David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, also attests to Maca’s energy-boosting benefits. He writes:

“Maca increases energy, endurance, oxygen in the blood, physical strength, neurotransmitter production, and libido. It supports the endocrine system, the adrenals, and the thyroid, typically improves one’s mood, and helps support healthy hormone production.”

In other words, Maca’s energy-boosting benefits are also largely due to its effects on the endocrine system, the adrenals and the thyroid, plus it’s positive effects on neurotransmitters in your brain. Instead of forcing your body to have more energy, it provides nutritional support to the energy-producing systems of your body.

Wolfe also points out that clinical studies have shown no toxicity or adverse pharmacological effects from using Maca root regularly.

The ForeverHealthy blog agrees, adding that thanks to Maca’s unusual adaptogenic qualities, it won’t over-stimulate. They explain:

“As an adaptogen herb, Maca can provide more energy if it’s needed, but if it’s not, it won’t over-stimulate. Adaptogens like Maca also boost immunity and increase the body’s overall vitality. Rather than addressing a specific symptom, adaptogens are used to improve the overall adaptability of the whole body to diverse and challenging situations and stress.”

Peruvian biologist Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popivici, Ph.D., suggests that the unique alkaloids found in Maca act on the hypothalamus-pituitary axis and the adrenal glands. She believes that by activating these endocrine glands Maca is able to increase energy, vitality and libido.

Even More Experts Agree!

VitaminStuff.com says, “Athletes sometimes use Maca to boost energy and stamina, and there are reports that this root can increase mental function as well.”

And HerbWisdom.com says, “…the active ingredients in the Maca root boost energy and lift depression naturally.”

Even WebMD, generally no friend of natural therapies, admits Maca is widely used for its fatigue-relieving and energy-boosting benefits, saying,

“People take Maca for tired blood (anemia), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and enhancing energy, stamina, athletic performance, and memory.”

Heather Williams of AllWomensTalk.com says, “Maca is also great for energy levels. I find it especially helpful to give me stamina throughout the day.”

Helps People Win the Battle Against Chronic Fatigue

According to cultural anthropologist and long-time Maca researcher Dr. Viana Muller, people with chronic fatigue often respond to Maca root even when other energy-boosting nutrients didn’t help much. She gives the following example:

“To give you a fatigue-related example: a woman who contacted us had had chronic fatigue for about 15 years. It took quite a while to get diagnosed because 15 years ago chronic fatigue was thought to be ‘all psychological’ and they sent you to a psychiatrist. There are still plenty of doctors who think this way today!

When this young woman was finally correctly diagnosed, she was given DHEA, which had no effect on how she felt. So her doctor increased the dosage. Then she felt minimally better, so he increased the dosage again. In the end, he gave her huge amounts of DHEA and she began to be able to function, to go to work, etc. but she still didn’t feel GOOD.

When she read about Maca (Dr. Morton Walker’s Medical Report in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, November, 1998), she decided to try it and within a few weeks she had a tremendous feeling of energy and wellness that she hadn’t experienced in about 20 years. She then gradually went off of her DHEA supplement and still felt great.”

So, if you’ve had too many days where you feel weak and rundown for no particular reason, consider taking advantage of the all-natural, energy-boosting benefits of Maca root. It might just be the little boost you need to turn the tide for you.

Where to Obtain the Very Best, High-Quality Maca Root

Maca Root by Targeted NutrientsTargeted Nutrients carries the highest-quality Maca Root in the highly recommended 500 mg. per capsule dosage. You get 90 capsules per bottle – a one or two-month supply for the average person. (If you’re using Maca Root for libido-boosting purposes, three capsules per day are recommended. For energy-boosting purposes, only one or two capsules are needed.)

Targeted Nutrients’ pure, high-quality Maca Root powder is harvested under strict sustainable development policies (to help ensure shortages don’t develop due to its growing worldwide popularity). It’s then imported straight from the source for maximum freshness, purity and potency.

After importation to the U.S., the powdered root is then tested, encapsulated, bottled and labeled in a fully-compliant, FDA-certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laboratory, so you can rest assured of the highest quality.

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Yours for youthful energy and vitality, the safe, natural way…

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