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About Us

Steve Barwick

“My promise to you: Unique, superior-quality nutrients, targeted to the results you’re looking for…”

Dear Friend,

With so many thousands of options available in the nutritional supplement marketplace, we understand just how difficult it can be to choose what’s best for you.

That’s one reason why our nutritional supplement line is strictly limited. Rather than selling dozens, or even hundreds of different supplements, we sell a grand total of eight – yes, eight – unique and powerfully effective supplements.

But each one is simply the most powerful nutrient supplement in its class. And each one is proven through bona-fide clinical research to really work. Most people literally feel the difference within only a few short days to a few short weeks, depending upon which of these 8 supplements they choose to take.

We Deliver the Health Benefits
Everyone Else Merely Promises!

In short, we’re personally driven to provide you with superior-quality ingredients, targeted to the results you’re looking for. After all, properly targeted, superior-quality natural ingredients mean greater health and vitality for you.

Our mission is to actually deliver to you the health benefits everyone else merely promises.

Yours for greater health and vitality,

Steve Barwick
Targeted Nutrients, President

Targeted Nutrients