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Here's what you need to know…

You might be aware that DMG is our flagship anti-aging supplement.

After all, it's responsible for triggering over 41 crucial biochemical reactions in your body that are directly and undeniably linked to how well you age.

But DMG is also one of the most powerful immune-boosters on the face of the earth. And it specifically boosts immunity against viruses and bacteria.

Indeed, according to recent studies, it boosts immunity against viruses and bacteria by an astonishing 300% to 1,000%.

As chemist Jiashu Zhang, who holds a patent for making DMG, has written:

"DMG plays a crucial role in the respiratory cycle of the cells, transporting oxygen and serving as a potent methyl donor… A recent study showed that immune response to the flu virus and to bacteria like salmonella was increased between 300% to 1,000%, making DMG a powerful immune booster."

What's more, in another astonishing study published in 1990 in the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, DMG was found to increase vital antibody production by more than 400%, meaning viruses and bacteria become far easier for your body to target and eliminate, quickly and effectively.

In fact, according to the study, DMG stimulated both branches of the immune system, producing an astonishing three to five-fold increase in protective antibody production. [Reap EA, Lawson JW. (1990). Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, 115, 481-486.]

Dr. Roger V. Kendall has studied DMG for over 40 years. He even wrote a book about it, titled Building Wellness With DMG.

In his book, Dr. Kendall states:

"DMG is an incredibly important nutrient that has far-reaching effects in the body from better cellular energy to dramatically strengthening the immune system. It is key to both the prevention and healing of disease…this multi-functioning nutrient has the power to fight disease, ward off secondary infections, and boost immune system function. It also gives you great energy and stamina, improves sexual function, and enhances brain function. New research suggests that because DMG boosts our cell's most basic functions it is one of the most important nutrients we can take."

But exactly how does DMG work to boost the immune response in the body?

According to Dr. Roger V. Kendall, Ph.D., widely considered to be the world's leading expert in the biochemistry and therapeutic applications of DMG, it boosts immunity so dramatically because it increases cell-to-cell communication in every bodily system, including your immune system:

"DMG occupies a key spot in the metabolic pathway, which makes the cells of the body work more efficiently. It improves cell-to-cell communication and enhances the body's many functions at the cellular level. It also gives a wide range of specific health benefits, provides protection against infectious agents, and can optimize performance whether you're an athlete or simply want to have a more active lifestyle.

DMG aids cardiovascular function by improving oxygen utilization, reduces elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, decreases angina pain and high blood pressure. It possesses anti-cancer activity while preventing metastasis. DMG modulates the immune system including antibody production, T and B cell proliferation and cytokine regulation. We believe it also works well to support neurological function and mental clarity.

DMG can promote the cellular production of hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters, nucleic acids, glutathione (your body's master antioxidant), creatine and SAMe. As one may expect there's a broad and very positive impact on health and well-being from a supplement with such wide-ranging metabolic benefits."

In short, DMG will have your immune system humming along like a finely tuned machine. And you'll have renewed confidence in your body's ability to ward off those dread winter viruses and bacteria.

Essential to All Human Function

What's more, DMG is absolutely essential to all human functioning.

As nutritional supplement expert George Foss explains:

"In humans, DMG is made in the liver. But as we age, the body unfortunately makes less and less of it. Yet DMG is nevertheless absolutely required by the body's 70 trillion cells for everything from proper nutrient absorption to cellular metabolism and energy production. It is directly responsible for oxygenation of the bloodstream, tissues and organs.

And perhaps most importantly, it's required by the human body for peak immune system function. It also boosts neuronal activity and other key brain functions. It's vital to healthy heart function. It supports proper liver function and detoxification. In short, DMG is absolutely essential to virtually all human biological function. It's even responsible for the body's production of DNA. Without proper levels of DMG, life simply grinds to a screeching halt.

Fortunately, supplementing your body's flagging stores of DMG as you age can boost your immunity to dramatic new highs, help restore virtually all bodily functions to more youthful levels, and dramatically enhances the healing effects of almost all other nutrients taken with it…"

As you can see, in addition to naturally boosting the body's immune response, DMG is a necessary component of all human bodily function. Without it the body would simply collapse. As Dr. James Balch writes in his best-selling book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing:

"Taking supplemental DMG can have a wide range of beneficial effects, including a dramatic boost in immunity, helping the body maintain high energy levels and boosting mental acuity. DMG has been found to enhance the immune system. It also reduces elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It improves oxygen utilization by the body, helps to normalize blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and improves the functioning of many important organs."

And according to Dr. J. Noverini, D.C.:

"Several of my patients and myself have been taking DMG. Not only do we feel well overall, but our immune systems and liver and heart functions have improved as well. I highly recommend DMG."

Dr. James Frackelton, M.D., of Cleveland, Ohio, treats cancer patients and he reports:

"Now, for those people who have more serious illnesses, for instance cancer, I include DMG as one of the standard nutrient additions to their dietary programs… These people may still have their cancer, but they show much symptomatic improvement by taking DMG. It boosts their immune system."

(Hey, if DMG's powerful effects on immunity can help the body fight off deadly cancers, imagine how effective it can be against winter viruses and bacteria!)

Marina Zacharias, a holistic practitioner from Jacksonville, Oregon is also enthusiastic about DMG's many healing benefits, but particularly its effect on immunity. She states:

"The most exciting use of DMG arose from a study by the Medical University of South Carolina. It was reported in the 'Journal of Infectious Diseases' that in a double-blind clinical study, DMG increases antibody production by more than 400% in humans. Just as important, DMG stimulates both the antibody response and cellular immunity branches of the immune system!

The findings were later confirmed at Clemson University in a series of animal experiments led by a professor of microbiology. The Clemson study demonstrated that rabbits given DMG stimulated both branches of the immune system to the extent that they produced a three to five-fold increase in protective antibodies. T cell proliferation was also increased and interferon production was doubled.

DMG also acts as a detoxifying agent and antioxidant, protecting body cells from unwanted reactions caused by free radicals."

And perhaps that's why Dr. Roger V. Kendall, Ph.D., author of Building Wellness with DMG, considers this unique and powerful nutrient one of the single-most important nutritional supplements for the health and well-being of the entire human body. He writes:

"In my research, I've found that DMG can enable a person to function at a more optimal mental and physical level as it aids the body in overcoming a number of adverse health conditions… It provides more mental clarity and greater vitality… can improve brain and sexual function… and has the ability to boost a person's immune response quite dramatically. I myself have been taking DMG for nearly 25 years to maintain high energy levels, to optimize my cardiovascular health, and to strengthen my immune system."

Not a One-Trick-Pony

Listen. DMG is not a "one trick pony" immune booster like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Quercetin, Zinc, Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, Cat’s Claw, Elderberry, Mushrooms, and other popular so-called immune enhancers.

Instead, DMG turbocharges cell-to-cell communication in every bodily system, including your immune system, it's able to boost every aspect of your immunity. All of it. And not by small measures like 5%, 10% or 20%, like most so-called "immunity" supplements.


It can boost immunity by anywhere from 300% to 1,000%, and specifically turn your immune system into the powerful weapon against viruses and bacteria it was always meant to be.

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