Stress Relief Beyond Belief (In a Tiny, Cherry-Flavored Pill)!

Stress Relief Beyond Belief

Stress is a part of everyday life. Sometimes too big a part.

Thankfully, there's a simple, effective "tranquility hack" being used by thousands of people worldwide to beat the often debilitating effects of stress.

And you might not believe this, at first. But it's as simple as taking a tiny, sweet-tasting, chewable cherry-flavored tablet that quickly and safely modulates excessive levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body.

Best yet, it's all-natural. And your body quite literally thrives on it. I'm going to tell you about it in just a moment. But first, let's take a quick look at why it's so important to reduce stress levels naturally.

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for Targeted Nutrients…

According to Dr. Eric Peper, Ph.D. at San Francisco State University, a staggering 80% of health problems in America are considered to be stress related.

Studies show that these common stressors can take a toll on your overall quality of life. Left unchecked, too much stress can:

  • Age your body faster
  • Disrupt your sleep
  • Damage your relationships
  • Increase your heart rate
  • Narrow your arteries
  • Weaken your immune system

What's more, stress has been proven to play a role in heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, lung and breathing problems, liver and kidney disease and more.

The Natural "Tranquility Hack"
You Need to Know About

But the good news is, you can boost your body's ability to cope with stress quickly, easily and quite naturally – especially if you know about the calming effects of a remarkable nutrient called Pregnenolone!

This natural stress buffer helps you cope with anxiety and worry and handle the curveballs life throws at you. As author and certified nutritionist Dan Milosevich has stated:

"Pregnenolone very quickly helps fatigued, stressed people regain their ability to handle stress, sometimes with a single dose…It can have a calming effect on the emotions, giving a mood of resilience and an ability to confront challenges."

And as Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, M.D. points out:

"Pregnenolone has been studied extensively since the 1940's…One of its most important actions is to counter damage caused by the natural stress hormone called 'cortisol'.

Cortisol is helpful in modest amounts, but is toxic at higher levels. Pregnenolone's ability to block excess cortisol levels may also be one of the main reasons for its known memory-enhancing and mood-boosting effects."

The famous biologist, James South, M.A. also touts the stress-busting benefits of pregnenolone, stating:

"Pregnenolone…produces a relaxing and mildly euphoric "stress buffer effect", without any of the negative side effects of cortisol…Pregnenolone improves mood, and has a mild antidepressant effect…"

And Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., a long-time proponent of pregnenolone, states:

Pregnenolone protects brain cells from injury caused by stress and fatigue, and an adequate amount has a calming effect on the emotions, which is part of the reason that it protects us from the stress response that leads to an excessive production of cortisone. People feel a mood of resilience and an increased ability to confront challenges."

Clinical Studies Bear It Out

During the 1940's, studies of Pregnenolone proved it could play a significant role in reducing stress.

For example, Dr. Gregory Pincus and Dr. Hudson Hoagland gave Pregnenolone daily to stressed-out factory workers. While taking Pregnenolone, the factory workers said they felt less fatigued and were better able to cope with the stresses of their jobs. What's more, they had improved productivity, and reported an enhanced sense of happiness and well-being!

Similarly, a study of airplane pilots and aviation students subjected to stressful situations revealed that Pregnenolone, when taken twice a day, reduced stress and improved performance without causing adverse side effects.

Researchers noted that the improvement was especially noticeable after participants took Pregnenolone for at least two weeks. They concluded that the anti-stress benefits may be cumulative. What's more, the professional pilots said their job performance improved and that they suffered less fatigue while taking Pregnenolone!

Works for Both Men and Women

Best yet, experts say Pregnenolone works equally beneficially for both men and women.  So how does it work?

Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., the famous biologist and endocrinologist who's been studying hormones and their effects in the human body since 1968, and is the author of "Progesterone, Pregnenolone & DHEA – Three Youth-Associated Hormones," has written:

"Pregnenolone improves function of the thyroid and other glands, and this ‘normalizing' effect on the other glands helps to account for its wide range of beneficial effects including reduced stress and an overall sense of energy, well-being and natural resilience."

Dr. Peat goes on to explain that Pregnenolone, "...protects brain cells from injury caused by fatigue, and an adequate amount has a calming effect on the emotions, which is part of the reason that it protects us from the stress response that otherwise leads to an excessive production of cortisone."

Back In Stock!

After a very long wait, Pregnenolone is finally back in stock. And as a "thank you!" for being so patient, we're going to give you a coupon code at the end of this letter, allowing you to stock up on as many bottles as you want at a nice additional discount, over-and-above our already-discounted prices.

Why did it take so long to restock Pregnenolone?

There were a few factors, but the main reason…it's getting harder and harder to get the truly good stuff!

You see, most pregnenolone sold today is the cheap stuff from China, which we would never try to palm off on our customers as being of therapeutic quality, for the simple reason it isn't.

There are only a few sources left in the U.S. where you can get the good, high-quality, made-in-the-USA pregnenolone, and we often have to wait months for it, because it takes far longer to produce than the cheap Chinese stuff.

Quality has no shortcuts!

Where to Obtain the Very Best Form of Pregnenolone…

Pregnenolone Bottle Unlike synthetic prescription steroid hormones which can sometimes have terrifying side effects, Pregnenolone is completely natural (made from an extract of the Dioscorea yam), and clinical studies have shown it to be virtually free of side effects when used as directed.

Targeted Nutrients carries therapeutic-quality Pregnenolone in the highly recommended 10 mg. dosage. You get 60 tablets per bottle – a one-month or two-month supply for the average person, depending upon your chosen dosage.

Unlike other vendors who sell cheap, Chinese-made Pregnenolone, Targeted Nutrients brand Pregnenolone is U.S. manufactured, produced in an FDA-approved, certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) laboratory, so you can rest assured of its impressive quality and safety.

The tiny chewable tablets are sweet-tasting, cherry-flavored, and can easily be broken in half for people who prefer to use lower dosages.

People normally take between 10 mg. and 20 mg. per day for age-related benefits as part of a long-term anti-aging program.

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Steve Barwick

Steve Barwick, President
Targeted Nutrients 

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P.P.S. – What Experienced Pregnenolone Users Are Saying…

"Within only a couple of days of using pregnenolone, I noticed benefits such as decreased 'brain fog', sharper thinking and reasoning ability and a happier and more relaxed attitude. Life's daily hurdles don't "loom" so large now and I handle things better as a result.

I take one 10mg tablet each morning and on occasion double the dose if I know I'm going to work through a particularly challenging day. I am able to honestly attribute the changes to the Pregnenolone since I changed nothing else in my daily routine other than the addition of the supplement.

I was actually surprised that I was able to tell a difference so quickly and recommend the supplement to others. To check my results, I quit taking the Pregnenolone after a few months for a week. That was enough and I immediately began taking it again. I call it my 'happy pill'!"

– Tamra B.

"Within several hours of taking it, I felt like someone turned a light on inside my head. My foggy thinking cleared up. My energy returned. The feeling of malaise and depression simply vanished. It was like coming out of a dark tunnel and shedding a 75 pound backpack at the same time. I felt light and free again.

It really put a lift back into my step, and left me with a profound sense of confidence and well-being. What's more, my libido soared from about a two to a nine on a scale of ten.

Since that time I've used Pregnenolone periodically, for up to several weeks at a time, and always to great effect. It's my first choice in nutritional supplements whenever I'm feeling low on energy or stamina, or just want that extra mental and physical boost."

– S.S.J., Las Vegas, NV

"I've noticed that I have a much more cheerful disposition, and I actually feel like getting things done again. I'm much more motivated. It has definitely helped put the pleasure back into my life."

– Paul S., FL

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