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D-Ribose: The Overlooked Energy Booster
That Really Gets You Moving Again!

If you really need more get-up-and-go in your daily life, but don't want to take risky hormones or harmful stimulants, here's the good news you've been waiting for!

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D-Ribose: The Overlooked Energy Booster That Really Gets You Moving Again!

If you really need more get-up-and-go in your daily life, but don’t want to take risky hormones or harmful stimulants, here’s the good news you’ve been waiting for!

So exactly what is D-Ribose? I’ll give you the brief scientific explanation first:

D-Ribose is a unique, 5-carbon monosaccharide that occurs naturally in all living cells. It forms the carbohydrate portion of DNA and RNA, the very building blocks of life. D-Ribose is also the complex sugar that begins the metabolic process for production of adenosine triphosphate (or ATP) by your body’s 100 trillion cells. ATP, of course, is the major source of energy used by your body for normal function.

In short, D-Ribose is the essential component for your body’s basic production of energy. Without D-Ribose, your cells cannot produce ATP, and without ATP you have no energy. In short, D-Ribose is the main fuel that drives your body’s cellular engines (the mitochondria) which in turn produce the ATP that gives your body the energy it needs.

This is why supplemental D-Ribose is able to help your body restore its energy levels, quickly and naturally. As a dietary supplement, D-Ribose provides its astonishing benefits by giving the cells the fuel they need to rapidly increase ATP levels, and thus restore energy levels throughout the body for long periods of time.

Whether you’re just feeling sluggish and rundown or you’re a high performance athlete looking for that extra edge, D-Ribose is truly the absolute energy source.

Conquering the “Downhill Syndrome”

One problem doctors see frequently in patients with low energy levels is what they now call the “downhill syndrome.” When a particular illness (such as an underlying infection) acts on the body as a stressor, the body’s energy production capabilities can drop dramatically as the cellular mitochondria gradually become overtaxed, and fail to produce enough ATP.

As energy levels fall, the underlying illness tends to gain an even stronger foothold in the body. And as your immune system struggles harder and harder to fight the spreading illness, your body’s energy production capabilities become stretched to their limits, resulting in even lower energy levels than before.

Over time, this allows the underlying illness to become chronic, wreaking havoc on your body. In short, the worse your illness gets, the more your body’s energy production capabilities are taxed, and the more your body’s energy production capabilities are taxed, the worse your illness gets. It becomes a vicious cycle that is almost impossible to break.

As noted D-Ribose authority Dr. Terri Butler explains, “Under conditions of physical duress the body’s energy resources become depleted. In particular, intracellular levels of the body’s primary energy carrying molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), are lowered significantly. Since cells and organs need adequate energy in order to maintain integrity and function it is essential that the supply of ATP be replenished soon after it is consumed by the body. If ATP molecules are not regenerated quickly enough to meet the body’s energy demands, energy metabolism is impaired.”

The solution of course, is to get your body’s energy production capabilities back up to normal levels, and then keep them there so that your body has enough energy to function normally while working to conquer the underlying illness.

Taking supplemental D-Ribose aids magnificently in this process by restoring ATP levels which dramatically boost the body’s energy levels. When energy levels are restored to normal, your body and its immune system can focus on successfully fighting the underlying illness. Finally, as the underlying illness is conquered, your body’s energy production capabilities are no longer over-taxed, and life returns to normal!

A Brief History: From AMP to D-Ribose

Back in the late 1980’s, progressive doctors often prescribed a series of daily injections of a substance known as AMP (adenosine monophosphate) to victims of chronic fatigue who suffered from low energy levels and the underlying illnesses that can spur these symptoms.

AMP is a chemical precursor of ATP, the body’s main energy source. Once in the body, AMP is slowly converted into ATP, which gradually boosts energy levels.

But patients soon found that the daily injections were no fun. They had to be made deep into the muscle tissue to be fully effective. And because of the gradual nature of the AMP-to-ATP conversion process, progress toward restoring energy levels was often slow.

Then in the mid-90’s an oral ATP supplement was produced, which became extremely popular with athletes because it allowed them to restore their energy levels quickly after extremely hard work outs. This oral form of ATP eventually became available over-the-counter as a nutritional supplement through many health food stores. People suffering from fatigue and related chronic illness could now forego the daily AMP injections and instead take pure ATP, orally. Unfortunately, for many people the oral ATP supplement caused significant nausea and upset stomach, and it soon fell into disfavor.

By the end of the 1990’s the situation looked pretty bleak again for victims of chronic fatigue, low energy levels and related illnesses. But then something happened. An American company figured out how to affordably produce D-Ribose — the very fuel the body needs to make its own ATP. The new supplement was produced in a safe and stable natural form that allowed it to be sold as a nutritional supplement. D-Ribose, being a complex sugar commonly produced in the human body, had none of the unwanted side effects of oral ATP supplements. And because it goes to work immediately in the body, fueling the mitochondria so that additional needed ATP is produced for many hours at a time, it works just as quickly and effectively as taking oral ATP. As we mentioned earlier, athletes immediately recognized the value of D-Ribose, and it has rapidly become one of the most popular “underground” energy supplements among professional sports figures today!

3 Major Attributes Make D-Ribose
the Superior Energy Supplement

D-Ribose was found to have the following three major attributes which have made it the preferred energy booster among athletes, and now among those who suffer from chronic fatigue and low energy levels:

  • Quick and Efficient Absorption — D-Ribose reaches peak levels in the body within only one to two hours. No more waiting for days on end to receive the desired benefits of an energy supplement! Plus, many “energy supplements” lose much of their dosage and thus their effectiveness during the digestion process. Often you are lucky if even 5% of a dose ever makes it to the bloodstream. But medical authorities say that with supplemental D-Ribose 95% of a dose is delivered directly into bloodstream for transportation to cells and tissues throughout the body!
  • Short Half Life — Unlike some substances which remain in the body for long periods of time and may produce toxicity, experts attest that D-Ribose is utilized very quickly by the body, and produces no known toxicity.
  • Well Tolerated — D-Ribose is surprisingly well tolerated by the body. Tests show normal blood pressure, heart rate and blood analysis after long-term usage of D-Ribose, according to the experts.

Ribose and Heart Disease

As more and more news about the amazing energy-producing capabilities of D-Ribose are brought to light, other phenomenal healing benefits are being discovered.

For example, recent research shows that ribose increases ATP production in muscles — including the heart muscle — by between 3.3 to 4.3 times over. According to scientists and doctors, this means that many heart disease patients can greatly benefit from supplemental D-Ribose.

One result of poor cardiovascular health is ischemia, a condition where poor blood flow to and from the heart greatly decreases the amount of oxygen reaching various tissues in the body. When ischemia occurs, the body’s cells do not get the oxygen they need to properly burn energy-producing fuels (such as ATP). Energy levels then plummet, putting more and more stress on the heart, and further reducing energy that would normally be available for everyday life.

Medical researchers have demonstrated that during periods of ischemia, ATP levels can plummet by as much as 50 percent or more. And medical research further demonstrates that even when the ischemia is stabilized, it may take as many as seven to ten days for ATP levels to return to normal. This is why, for many patients with cardiovascular disease, even the simplest activities required for daily living may be difficult. The body is simply not producing the needed energy. This makes energy recovery a major concern for heart disease patients.

But in one study researchers have recently discovered that supplemental D-Ribose allows the heart to recover a whopping 85 percent of its ATP levels within 24 hours!

And another study found that, following a heart attack, supplemental D-Ribose helped ATP levels and heart function return to normal within only two days. This is absolutely astonishing, considering the fact that without supplemental ribose heart function was still depressed after four weeks!

At present more than 150 peer-reviewed published studies attest to the fact that D-Ribose effectively increases ATP while improving performance in heart and muscle cells during periods of lowered blood flow or low oxygen (ischemia). What this means is that supplemental Ribose can help the heart rebuild energy, and millions of Americans may significantly benefit from its effects.

D-Ribose can help dramatically improve the quality of life for persons suffering from certain cardiac conditions, and research shows it has a direct positive effect on heart function for persons suffering from ischemia.

Ribose Helps Blood Cells Live Longer

Another amazing discovery is that D-Ribose may help blood cells live longer. This has tremendous implications for D-Ribose as an anti-aging supplement.

What triggered this discovery is research by Dr. Daniel Ericson M.D., a former Mayo Clinic hematologist who teamed up with a bio-technology lab called Via-Cyte to find ways to extend the life of blood platelets used in blood transfusions and organ transplants. Platelets for transfusions and transplants are only viable for a few days, after which they lose their effectiveness and cannot be used. This often leaves hospitals in chronic short supply.

But Dr. Ericson and his team found that D-Ribose acts as a preservative agent for platelets, slowing the aging process during storage. He states that D-Ribose was found to “significantly enhance the function of blood platelets for transfusion.”

After only five days of storage, platelet function is normally reduced to a mere 5% or less. But when D-Ribose is included in the mix, platelets retain an astonishing 90% of their function after five days, and 80% after seven days. Furthermore, harmful bacterial growth was dramatically inhibited in the D-Ribose treated blood platelet samples, according to Dr. Ericson!

More Crucial Ways Your Body
Benefits From D-Ribose

According to noted D-Ribose authority Jerry Brainum, the body requires D-Ribose for a number of other crucial functions. For example, it is used to make glucose, the most elemental sugar in the body, which circulates in the blood, and which the brain needs in prodigious quantities each day in order to function correctly. Without adequate supplies of glucose, mental acuity (clarity of mind) goes down the tubes, which is why many people who use D-Ribose swear that it increases their ability to think clearly almost immediately. “It was like a light going on in my head,” one recent convert to D-Ribose told us.

D-Ribose also converts enzymatically to pyruvate, according to Brainum, which along with oxygen is vital to the body’s energy-producing cycle, called the Kreb’s, or citric acid energy cycle.

Still another vital use of D-Ribose is in the formation of nucleotides, which, in turn are needed for a number of vital functions including energy production…synthesis of protein glycogen and nucleic acids…electrolyte metabolism…fat oxidation…and hormone-cell interactions.

In short, D-Ribose is needed for life itself!

How to Get D-Ribose At a Steeply Discounted
“Get Acquainted” Price!

D-Ribose is often difficult to obtain, and prices can be exorbitant — as much as $39 for a single bottle containing less than a one-month supply.

As one of the largest suppliers of D-ribose, Targeted Nutrients wants you to try this phenomenal energy-boosting supplement at a significant discount.

Instead of paying $39 per bottle, you can pay only $19.95 per bottle. But to get the steeply discounted price of only $19.95 per bottle you must order at leasttwelve bottles of D-Ribose. (If you want only a single bottle, the discounted price is only $29.95 plus s&h.)

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, with 700 mg. of pure D-Ribose per capsule. That’s a two months supply for an average sedentary person (one capsule a day), or a one month supply for a person who works out moderately each day and feels the need to recover lost energy, or half a month’s supply for an athlete who works out strenuously each day. (Athletes who are working out strenuously each day generally take about three to four times more Ribose than what the average person would take.)

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